PLATINIUM Pots w/ aeroponic tops (Aerostar) - 60 Series

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If you are looking for a system that helps reduce root rotting and get stunning plant growth, PLATINIUM Pots (Aerostar) 60 Series is the perfect option. This aeroponic system does not require to grow pots or grow media to work. The tank contains 9.8 gallons to 11.8 gallons of nutrient solution and is easy to access with a removable hatch.

  • Made from 100% ABS Aero Plates: Each independent pot is manufactured using ABS aero plates. It prevents the development of algae, mold and serves as an anti-UV barrier.
  • Accessible Tank: The tank has a capacity of 25 L to 30 L. It also comes with a removable hatch that allows you to see the remaining water level quickly.
  • 360° Sprayers: This small microjet sprayer sprays the nutrient-rich solution to the plant roots in all directions.
  • Faster Plant Growth: Since plants are exposed to more oxygen, the plants tend to grow at a much faster rate.

The PLATINIUM Pots 60 series is a high-end aeroponic system that ensures the oxygen-filled nutrient solution is distributed throughout the root chamber. It allows crops to grow much faster than the soil set up and ensures they are healthier.

The system is less complex than traditional setups such as ebb n flow, NFT, etc. It offers more control over the plant roots because you do not need to immerse them in liquid. 

Another huge advantage is that you can experiment with diverse types of plants. You can grow even large-sized plants – it usually depends on your unique needs. Also, with this modular system, you can utilize maximum use of limited space.

PLATINIUM Pots 60 series uses 360-degree sprayers that spray the roots with a high-pressure but fine mist of nutrient-rich solution and water. As a result, the roots receive more oxygen while getting the nutrients and water it requires. Misting also helps you to save water.

The tank is easy to access, which allows you to quickly see the leftover water and nutrient level and add more when required. Thanks to the detachable lid. Both ABS Aero plates and pots are anti-UV.

The system also comes with an irrigation pump, aero plates, reservoir, a tubing kit (including 360° sprayers and drippers), accessible reservoir lid, pots, tray, xtrapump pump.

PLATINIUM Pots 60 series is also very easy to maintain because it has very few moving components, and you only need to ensure that the misting heads are working properly or not.


  • SKU/Model No: DL-656020

  • Brand: Aerostar

  • Pots Dimensions: 18x18x23 cm

  • Reservoir Capacity: 25 L to 30 L  

  • Material: ABS

  • Platinium System Dimensions: 60x60x39.5 cm

  • Total Number of Sites: 6

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The aeroponics setup is easy to set up fun to use saves time and nutrients and more oxygen to the plant roots for a bigger harvest in Rapid growth easy to use for new beginners with Hydro setups or looking into aeroponics

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