Psycloner 140 Site Pro Aeroponic Cloner Machine

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The Psycloner 140 Site Pro Aeroponic Cloner Machine delivers a straightforward and quick cloning experience, allowing you to consistently and successfully root cuttings within 4–10 days. The simple direction manual and guide make cloning Psycloner straightforward. This plant cloning system contains everything as well as a free extra foldable humidity dome that prevents leaf evaporation and early transplant shock, which is especially important in dry growth situations. Its unique design for air circulation and ventilation means that you don't need to pump air to get more oxygen into the growing chamber or hot air out of it.

  • 1.625" Neoprene Inserts: The transplantation of your clones will be made easier and less complicated by the use of the Psycloner 140 Site Pro Aeroponic Cloner Machine's non-toxic neoprene inserts. To use the insert, just pinch the insert to open it, then slide the stalk of the clone into the insert, and then allow the insert to close again. Leave 1-2"+ of the stalk on the underside of the insert in order to guarantee that your clones get the appropriate amount of water and oxygen.

  • Aeroponic Sprayer Manifold: Every Psycloner Pro machine comes with a water pump that has been fitted with a sprayer manifold as standard equipment. Unlike the products that our competitors sell, the Psycloner 140 Site Pro Aeroponic Cloner Machine sprayer is designed in a way that makes sure all of the grass clippings get the same amount of water.  The Psycloner Pro machine sprayer manifold ensures that each and every root receives the appropriate amount of water and oxygen so that the plants are able to develop in the healthiest and most robust manner. A fully functional self-watering system, free of effort, mess, and soil altogether.

  • Humidity Dome: It is recommended to use a humidity dome in order to reduce the transplant shock that is associated with dry growing settings. Because the Psycloner Pro machine humidity flaps are adjustable, you can make sure that your clones are receiving the ideal growth environment so that they can produce roots in as little as three to four days!  It is also vital for cuttings to be grown in an environment with a high humidity level. Some plants will grow much faster in environments with high humidity levels than in environments with low humidity levels.

A spray manifold with a pending invention requires a smaller water pump and generates less heat in the water. It includes a high-quality UL-listed water pump with a pre-filter housing to keep sprayers clean and prevent clogging. It is made of long-lasting 100% new ABS and PP BPA-free material. All the necessary parts are included. Simply add your own lighting.


  • Brand Psycloner

  • SKU 670140

  • Weight (lb.) 14

  • Width (in.) 30.51

  • Height (in.) 21.65

  • Length (in.) 7.87

  • UPC 850009530646

  • Lead Time This product ships in 3-5 Business Days

  • UL Listed No

  • Plant Count 140

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