Pump Filter Bag - Large

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Shield your pump from grime and vegetation using a Pump Filter Bag. This prevents clogging while keeping the sprayers and emitters clean. It helps in reducing pump maintenance. It fits most pump sizes. This durable filter bag comes with a zipper on the top to fully shut down the pump inside. 

  • Fine Mesh: The filter bag comes with a heavy-duty and fine mesh. It keeps the big and deadly particles out of the water pump to make it clean.
  • Zipper: It is equipped with a zipper. This helps in shutting down the pump while allowing hoses and cords out.
  • In-Built Loop: The bag has an in-built loop that you can hang easily above the tank bottom for quick drying.
  • Industrial-Grade Material: This Pump Filter Bag is manufactured with industrial-grade mesh material. It comes with high-quality netting and is triple-stitched. The filter bag prevents wear and tear.

The water pump in the hydroponic system is usually small and gets blocked by debris. With this Pump Filter Bag, you do not need to be concerned about the water pump getting blocked. It houses the whole water pump when submerged. 

It is specially engineered to filter debris and impurities. In addition to this, it helps in preventing clogging of the pump. Pump Filter Bag is made with industrial-grade mesh material. This makes the mesh strong and durable. It is also both clog and tear-resistant and stitched well. 

The pump also prevents the blockage of sprayers and emitters by shielding the pump from damaging organic matter, resulting in wear and tear. This helps in lowering pump maintenance costs. 

The zipper on the top allows you to secure the pump inside completely. It is perfect to use with indoor grow or hydroponic systems. This filter bag is also very easy to use. 

Just put the pump, power cord, and outlet in the bag. Now, tie the top securely. Make sure you choose a bag larger in diameter than the pump. Also, note that the filter bag needs regular cleaning. Doing this will help you increase the life of the filer bag while allowing it to run at its peak efficiency.

The filter screen bag is also equipped with a drawstring. It helps in securing the pump in the filter bag. The filter bag is also re-usable, thereby reducing cost. The filter bag also has a loop in-built. Therefore, it can be hung easily above the bottom of the tank to dry easily. Invest in this Pump Filter Bag today!


  • SKU/Model No.: DL-500002

  • Dimensions: 10""x11.5""

  • Size: Large

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