Purple Maxx (0-0-3)

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Purple Maxx (0-0-3) solution is discovered accidentally. It is initially known as Stacker because the inventor created a natural cocktail that would stack flowers tightly along stems. Two testers in the hills sprayed the solution on plants and found amazing results. So, the creator decided to rename it Purple Maxx.

This solution is built to enhance the development of colors in plenty of stains with purple genetics. Purple Maxx (0-0-3) promotes fragrance, resin, and crystal development. Using it during the bloom cycle will help you boost overall fruit and flower production. Purple Maxx (0-0-3) works well in potted plants or hydroponics systems.

How to Use Purple Maxx?

  1. Hydro and Soil

Step 1: Use one gallon or a teaspoon of water starting 2 to 3 weeks before harvesting.

Step 2: For few strains, enhance water to 2 to 3 gallons or teaspoon. It's worth considering through flushing.

  1. Foliar

Step 1: Use 1 gallon or teaspoon two or three times per week.

Step 2: Spray it lightly with the finest mist. Avoid wetting flowers.


  • SKU/ Model Number: DL-ETPM-8OZ

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