Replacement 120 Mesh Screen for Y Filter (10 Pack)

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Replacement 120 Mesh Screens for Y Filter come with a high-grade thermoplastic material, stainless steel screen filter, and a polypropylene frame. It endures water upto 140° F and provides in-depth filtration with pressure upto 116 psi. Its extreme water purification system is reliable for commercial and industrial usage. Plus, it has a manually removable and easy-to-wash cartridge attached. 

  • Inline Filtration: Y filters provide inline filtration for flow ranging from 33 - 110 GPM. As the system is completely enclosed, it minimizes product contamination and maintains minerals while safeguarding the operator's health. 
  • Stacked Disc Filter: Visibly similar to edge filters but work differently with the hollowness of the disc. It provides in-depth filtration.
  • Thermoplastic Structure: The structure is flexible, elastic, and possesses 10x more impact than thermosets during filtration. It is rated the safest filtration tool to endure water up to 140° F and resist most chemicals. 
  • 120-Micron Mesh Screens: It's equipped with 3/4"' Y filters with a 120-micron mesh screen, manufactured with stainless steel and a polypropylene frame. So, it doesn't require frequent cleaning and is economical. 

Replacement 120 Mesh Screens for Y Filters are manufactured with high-grade thermoplastic material. It has 3/4"' Y filters with a 120-micron mesh screen manufactured with stainless steel and a polypropylene frame. 

It helps the mesh screen easily endure pressure up to 116 psi and handle the flow from 26 to 110 pm. It is suitable for commercial, industrial usage and is considered an ideal filter for larger drip irrigation.

The product is equipped with ports and pressure gauges and helps remove dirt and maintain healthy nutrients in the water. Plus, it has a manually removable cartridge made with durable 316 stainless steel (AISI), which is strong and long-lasting.

You can clean the cartridge easily without any tool: just rinse and replace it. Moreover, it has an auxiliary capped port that can easily drip out and provide proper draining or depressurization.

Each product comes with a screen filter. Large filter like - Stacked disc filter is visibly similar to edge filters but slightly different from others because of the hollowness of the disc. Moreover, a stacked disc filter ranges from 40 (the coarsest) to 600 (finest or high-level filtration) using mesh. 

This 120 Mesh Screen is manufactured to endure high pressures and extreme filtration. Therefore, disc filters are not only beneficial for internal but overall filtration. In addition, as the mesh screen has a line installation system, it is completely enclosed, minimizes product contamination, and keeps filtered water chemical-free. Furthermore, it also helps in maintaining the natural PH of the water. 

Note: Replacement mesh screens for filters are separately available.


  • Model/SKU: DL-250102-10

  • Installation: In line 

  • Filtration: Overall (inside/outside)  

  • Product Weight: 1.65 kilograms

  • Material: 316 stainless-steel (AISI).

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