Screen Ebb & Flow Fitting (10pcs/pck)

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Are you looking for durable screen ebb and flow fittings for your grow trays? Look no more; the DL: 388505 Screen ebb & flow fittings are made with superior quality plastic that is durable and corrosion-resistant. They come in a pack of 10 to fit all your irrigation setup and reservoir needs.

  • Durable: These screen ebbs and flow fittings are made with the best quality, heavier and thick plastic. Hence, they last longer and are super durable. 
  • 3-fittings: The packing includes three basic fittings, screen fitting, drain fitting, and extension fitting. Hence, you do not need to buy any extra accessories. 
  • Different sizes: These ebb & flow fittings are available in different sizes. You can customize them as per your requirement. 
  • Strong and reliable: These screen ebb & flow fittings are strong; they are threaded around, thus, providing a stronghold and preventing any leakages.  

The DL screen ebb & flow fittings are made with high-quality plastic resistant to corrosion and bear different temperatures. They assist in providing nutritional liquid to your plants through the irrigation set up in your private lawn. Additionally, they are fit to use in reservoirs and tanks. The ebb & flow fittings are threaded; hence they provide a stronghold and are reliable set up.

Available in packs of 10, you can buy these fittings to match your reservoir requirements. They come in various sizes such as 1”, ¾” and ½.” These sizes are a perfect fit for the standard tubes in reservoirs and tanks. In addition, the pack of 10 comes with accessories included in it. There are three main fittings: screen fitting, drain fitting, and extension fitting. The pack has two screen fittings, three extension fittings, and 1 ½ drain fitting.

You can customize the package as per your requirement based on the water level. They are fit to use even in flood table irrigation setup. They are made with superior quality plastic; they do not wither off with water and bear chemical exposure. If you need any additional fittings, you can easily buy them separately.

They are designed to fit in the spaces and hold for a longer period. The spaces in between the edges let the water flow out easily. They are attached to a tube that inflows the nutritional water into the irrigation tank during the pre-set time. They allow a smooth flow and perform efficient functions.


  • Model no./SKU: DL-388505

  • Weight: 0.5 lbs

  • Width: 11”

  • Height: 2”

  • Length: 6”

  • Irrigation Part Type: Screen

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