Scynce LED 650W Dragon Alpha II LED Grow Light


Plug Option: Flying Leads
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Yields Up To 6 Plants

The Scynce LED 650W Dragon Alpha II LED Grow Light is the perfect size for up to 6 plants.

Easy To Set Up

The plug and play design offers a one step installaton

Full Spectrum

Sun-like light spectrum for all stages of plant growth.

The Scynce LED Dragon Alpha is a revolutionary LED grow light that offers unparalleled control to indoor growers and gardeners. Regardless of the type of plant, growing method, or stage of plant development, the Dragon Alpha Grow Light can always provide your plants with the precise light characteristics they require.

Light Delivery

The innovative Linear 70 optic in the Scynce LED 650W Dragon Alpha II LED Grow Lights allows plants to receive an equal intensity of light from all angles (similar to the natural sunlight), prevents hot/burned patches, and results in a bigger growing surface with higher density below the canopy.

Full Power Spectrum Tuning

The alpha provides complete spectrum control with no loss of power. With up to 1,000 PPF of any spectrum between 2700k and 6500k (warm to cool), you have complete control over the sort of white light your plants get. The red/far-red channel produces over 600 PPFD of energy, which can be divided evenly between 660nm and 730nm, or turned off entirely. The alpha generates 1,613 PPF of dynamically configurable photonic power for plant growth. The Dragon Alpha II grow light is among the few growers' tools that provide growers with complete control over the illumination spectrum required for plant growth..

Output (PAR Footprints)

The coverage area and average PPFD on the charts below are based on the assumption that the light is utilized in a space with a grid or array of lights, or in a tent or room with reflective walls.


This Scynce LED 650W Dragon Alpha II LED was made primarily for use in single-level buildings, warehouses, and greenhouses. The Alpha can be hung anywhere between 24" and 72" above the canopy and still produce the same amount of light..

Optic Linear 70 Technology

The Dragon Alpha is outfitted with a Linear 70 Optic to help you distribute illumination evenly while preventing scorched areas on your plants. It also lets the light be hung at different heights and still give off the same amount of light. The Linear 70 optic on the Dragon Alpha can give consistent lighting intensity at varying heights. Because of this, it can grow in a wide range of indoor environments, such as warehouses and greenhouses.

Optional Theia Tempo Wireless Controller

When there is an unexpected power loss, the THEIA TEMPO comes to your rescue. With a built-in battery backup, your light recipes will stay on schedule even if your power supplier is unable to provide consistent service.

Any grower can easily master and manage the best tools to improve their art, which is what the Scynce LED 650W Dragon Alpha II LED Grow Light provides. The Alpha is preferred by craftsmen who need an all-in-one solution for high-output indoor warehousing that takes up little space.


Power: 650 Watts
White: 425 Watts
Red: 175 Watts
Input Voltage: 120 - 277 Volts
Amps: 120v-5.4 / 240v-2.7 / 277v-2.3 / 480v-1.35
Power Factor/ Efficiency: > 95%
Dimensions: 44.5” x 8” x 5”
Weight: 25 lbs
Waterproof Sealing: IP66 Rating (entire light fixture)
Thermal Management: Active - IP67 rated fan
Certifications/Testing: UL, FCC, RoHS, CSA
Warranty: 5 years
Tunability: 4 color channels with *NEW* full power spectrum tuning
Spectrum: White (2700k and 6500k) and red (660 and 730nm)
Secondary Optics: Linear 700 (height over canopy is 24” to 72” )
Dimming: Wireless digital control of spectrum, recipes and scheduling
FLUX (PPF) / Efficacy: 1,613 μmol/s / 2.47 umol/j
PPFD: up to 1,122 µmol/m2/s over a 5’x3.5’ (34 watts/sf)
Max Coverage Area: Flower = 5’x4’ Veg/Mother = 6’x5’

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