Scynce Led Raging Kush II LED Grow Light


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Wattage: 650W Kush II
Plug Type: Flying Leads

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The Raging Kush II is a vertical grow light, which comes with a high-powered, spectrum adjustable, waterproof feature that delivers even PPFD, which helps penetrate the canopy. With 650 watts of customizable plant-growing photonic power, you achieve healthier yields in no time. The growlight uses secondary optics with a conic 120-degree angle that allows coverage of a large canopy of 6’’ and 18’’.

  • Wireless Control: Take complete control over the grow light with the echo wireless control hub and adjust the spectrum according to the plant's growth stage.

  • 120-Degree Secondary Optics:The 120-degree angle provides coverage to a wider area, so even the plantations at the corners receive a proper amount of light.

  • Waterproof Vertical Growlight: The vertical growlight fixture functions smoothly in wet conditions, and the fixture is waterproof.

  • Custom Recipes: With the growlight, you can create custom recipes to match the plantations' different growing stages.

If you are looking for a horticulture solution that lets you take complete control over your plantations, then raging kush 2.0 is the solution. The Kush II is a highly powerful, vertical grow light solution that gives you the power to adjust spectrum, PPFD output, so it penetrates the canopy from deep down to turn it into healthy plantations.

The grow light can replace a 300-watt HPS/MH to deliver great results. It functions efficiently without disturbing the environment as the grow light does not use cooling fans to dissipate heat; instead, it has been equipped with cooling fans for this purpose.

With the 5mm aluminum heatsink, the system maintains ambient system temperature. With the proper heat dissipation, the system functions efficiently for a longer period. The grow light uses Samsung LM281B+ LED Technology to provide high PAR output and 2.7 umol/J efficiency. The grow light has a long lifespan, a great penetration power that delivers a healthy plant yield.

The system does not include any fans, making it highly-efficient and saving energy, so you never have to worry about unwanted electricity bills. As the heat dissipation system works without creating any noise, the surroundings won't ever be disturbed.

The system gives out optimal full-spectrum light, consisting of 730nm IR, 660nm of red light, 3000K, and 5000K of the white light spectrum. The spectrum supports all the stages of a plant’s growth cycle, from vegetative to flowering stage. It imitates the sunlight spectrum, so plants placed indoors receive the light equivalent to the outdoors.


  • SKU/Model No.: LED-SL-RGNG-KSH2.0

  • POWER: 650W or 900W Overdrive

  • Dimensions: 43.25” x 40.5” x 5.25”

  • Spectrum: White (2700k and 6500k) and red (660 and 730nm)

  • Secondary Optics: Conic 120º (height over canopy is 6″ to 18″)

  • Wireless Control

  • The Theia app was designed with the grower in mind. It’s quick and easy to set up with intuitive buttons that let you quickly find what matters most.


  • Android & iOS based app

  • Group control lights via wireless mesh network.

  • Intensity / Dim to Zero

  • Ramp on Time (sunset/sunrise)

  • Scheduling

  • Full control of spectrum

  • Custom recipes

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