Scynce LED Raging Kale II LED Grow Light System


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Power Cord: NEMA 5/15 110V

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The Scynce Raging Kale LED Grow Light System is a 250W grow light which is the perfect replacement for 400W MH grow light. It uses 30% less power to function, saving electricity-consumption costs. The 120-degree lenses distribute sun-like light equally to plants with equal intensity. The PPF is reported at 583 µmol/s and an average PPFD of 537 µmol/m²/s, which promotes higher yields.

  • Full-Spectrum Light: It emits a sun-like spectrum that has the perfect combination of spectrums- warm white (2700K) and cool white (6500K); essential for cloning/vegging plants.

  • Smart Wireless Control: Go wireless, and control the grow light setting with Scynce’s Theia mobile app.

  • Huge-Output: The 250W grow light uses 30% less electricity, producing light equivalent to 400W MH. So, you can make huge savings on energy consumption.

  • IP66 Rating: The rating confirms that the fixture can withstand water-jets and high-pressure coming from multiple directions.

The light fixture is perfect for shelving units, greenhouses, tents vertical racks, and it can also be used as a stand-alone light. The grow light is best for vegetative plantations and clones. When hung at 15” height, it can cover up to 5’x4’.

It is a highly efficient grow-light as it replaces the 400W MH grow light by just consuming 250W of energy, using 30% less electricity and power consumption bills.

The patented 120-degree lenses cover a wider growing space providing light to a huge number of plants, consuming the least energy. The light is suggested for indoors and practice vertical farming.

The fixture is IP66 rated which means that it can withstand high-water pressure from all sides. It does not let water cause any damage to the fixture.

The LED emits white light which is the perfect combination of warm (2700k) and cool (6500k) spectrum. The versatile spectrum makes it ideal for promoting vegetative growth, especially during the early stages.

The fixture can be controlled without the need of any wires- use the Theia mobile/tablet application to make light adjustments and choose the spectrum. You can save the light recipes on the mobile or tablet for later use. Also, with the Theia wireless control application, you can select the light intensity, dim, make the spectrum adjustments.

The fixture uses the passive cooling system to dissipate heat away from the LEDs to avoid any overheating damages. The heatsink used for passive heat management does not require any electricity to run; therefore, you save power costs.


  • Wattage Draw: 250w

  • Spectrum: Full Spectrum White - 2 Channels: White (Cool And Warm)

  • Secondary Optics: Patented 120°

  • (Full Broad Spectrum) At 100% Average Par:Up To 537 Μmol/M2/S Over A 4’x3’ Canopy @ 12”

  • Coverage Area: Veg/Clone = Up To 5’x4’ @ 15”

  • Thermal Management: Passive

  • Input Voltage:100 - 277V

  • AMPS: 120v-2.1/ 208v-1.2 / 277v-0.9

  • Dimensions: 46” X 6” X 1.5”

  • Weight: 15 Lbs

  • Certifications: UL, FCC, CE, Rohs, CSA

  • WaterproofSealing: IP66 Rating (Entire Light Fixture)

  • ManufacturersWarranty: 5-years

    Returns: 30-Days

LED Kit Includes:

  • Mounting Brackets

  • Pulley Ropes


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