Secret Jardin Dark Propagator 120 v4.0 (4' x 2' x 6 2/3')

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The Dark Propagator 120 v4.0 (4’ x 2’ x 6 2/3’) from Secret Jardin is the perfect grow tent for beginners and expert indoor gardeners alike. With four propagation trays per level, it can accommodate more plants. You should take advantage of the upgraded features of this tent to get healthier plants and better yield.

  • Propagation Trays: This propagator model includes two metal shelves and four 10''x20” propagation trays per level, making it a total of 12 trays, all of which are virtually lightproof.

  • Complete Accessories: All the additional accessories like the water tray, ducting flange, connectors., support kits, etc., are included along with the tent, allowing easy and quick setup.

  • Sturdy Frame: The tent is constructed of sturdy metal and a rust-free frame. Further, even the trays are sturdy, which can support hanging bars.

  • Breathable Material: The outer cloth of the tent is a thick tear-resistant fabric, yet it is breathable enough to let the plants flourish with ease.

Get your Secret Jardin Dark Propagator 120 v4.0 (4’ x 2’ x 6 2/3’) today to grow healthier indoor plants and for better yield. This dark propagator is specifically designed to nurture cuttings, mother plants, or even smaller plants through propagation and early vegetation.

It is one of the newer products by the company with upgraded features to cater to all your growing and flowering needs. It’s interior fabric is lined with 95% reflective mylar with a hammered effect. It is used to increase light intensity and significantly improve light distribution so that all plants in different corners can flourish equally. Its external fabric is a tear-resistant thick 210D canvas that provides super insulation and helps create an ideal environment inside the propagator for better plant growth. The tent also has re-designed “engineered” corners built of PolyPropylene and are sturdier.

Moreover, the propagator is waterproof and comes with a cable and air extraction ports for better ventilation. Another main feature of this dark propagator is the propagation trays. Thanks to its size, this model is fitted with two metal shelves that can accommodate four 10''x20” propagation trays per level, making a total of 12 trays. Furthermore, all these trays are virtually lightproof. The tent’s frame is also constructed of quite sturdy material and can easily support hanging bars for T5 lighting.


  • SKU/Model: DL-SJDP120V40

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Hamilton Chipongian
Awesome Tent!

Awesome Tent! Works perfectly with my Atreum Lighting HYDRA-3200.

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