Secret Jardin Dark Propagator 90 v4.0 (3' x 2' x 3 1/3')

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If you are an indoor grower and looking for an all-in-1 propagator in which you can mother plants, growing, blooming, and propagating, Secret Jardin Dark Propagator 90 v4.0 (3' x 2' x 3 1/3') is the best fit for you. With the quality of Secret Jardin and improved features, you are promised a healthier and better harvest.

  • Lightproof: The thick external cover of the tent and zippers ensure high light proofing of level 1. It is important to maintain a stable environment for your plants.

  • Highly Reflective Interior: The fabric's interior is lined with highly reflective mylar fabric (210D) to increase light intensity and improve light distribution.

  • Easy To Maintain: The tent's fabric can be easily washed both inside and outside, making it a low maintenance product.

  • Sturdy Frame: The tent is constructed of sturdy metal and a rust-free frame. Further, even the trays are sturdy, which can support hanging bars.

With the Secret Jardin Dark Propagator 90 v4.0 (3' x 2' x 3 1/3'), you can mother plants, grow, clone, bloom, and propagate them- using a single propagator. Its upgraded features and quality backed by Secret Jardin make this grow tent the best choice for indoor plant growers.

With 100% mylar coating (190D) with a hammered effect on the interior side of the fabric, the tent is 95% reflective. It is one of the major features because high reflective properties significantly enhance light distribution to all parts of the tent and increase light intensity.

The lightproof and waterproof grow tent allows flowering up to 2 trays of 77 compatible rock wool cubes, and an optional 15.7 x 23.6 x 1-inch hydro tray is also available. Further, it has a cross-ventilation window system that enables better ventilation, good for plant growth. The strong equipment tubes and sturdy metal corrosion-resistant frame allow quick and easy assembly of the propagator.

The re-designed polypropylene connectors are more durable than their plastic ancestors, while the zippered doors allow easy access to the tent's interior for checking on the plants. The reinforced frame bars, extraction socks, and cable socks are available for handling equipment, while the greenhouse covers are included to allow better propagation. Also, it is recommended to install a small extraction fan to prevent the build-up of heat and moisture.


  • SKU/Model: DL-SJDP90V40

Customer Reviews

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Gloria D CHASE
Secret Jardin Dark Room

Service was great. Delivery time was quick. Very satisfied with the excellent quality of the Secret Jardin Dark Room. Good quality zippers, fabric and stitching. Thank you!

Tyler Martin

Grow ace is a horrible place to deal with, no communication, no help when you did speak to someone, product states shipped in 2 to 7 days it took 3 weeks, also states "discreet shipping", um no fed ex dropped off a grow tent right at my front door in original package. Super unsatisfied with growace as a whole and will never ever be back, horrible!

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