Secret Jardin Dark Street 120 v4.0 (4' x 4' x 6 1/2')

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Now you don’t need to convert your whole room into an indoor garden, for you can use the Secret Jardin Dark Street 120 v4.0 (4’ x 4’ x 6 1/2’) to control your indoor garden’s climate expertly. The tent is a rare find in the market as it offers the best functionality, quality, and price.

  • Contains SpaceBooster: This new feature helps prevent fan suction from “sucking in” the walls of your tent and gives you more space to grow more plants.

  • Light Proof Zippers: The tent promises advanced lightproof technology with its 210 thick canvas and lightproof zippers, preventing light from entering it.

  • Washable Material: The tent’s flooring, interior, and exterior walls are made of an easily washable fabric to prevent any odor buildup.

  • Water Tray: The tent’s bottom contains a seamless water tray that collects and prevents water from spilling out after you have watered your plants.

The Secret Jardin Dark Street 120 v4.0 (4’ x 4’ x 6 1/2’) is one of the best investments you can make for your plants and make your lives easier. It allows you to control your garden’s climate. It can accommodate LED Grow Lights which keep the tent’s environment warm and allows you to control heat. Its upgraded features are the tent’s USP, given its affordability.

This dark street grows tent guarantees increased light intensity as its interior is lined with 95% reflective hammered effect mylar fabric (190D) that improves light distribution. So, you can keep all the heat, odor, and moisture from escaping to other rooms.

You can create a completely dark room with this tent’s thick 210D black fabric and lightproof zippers, which prevent even a ray of light from entering the tent during cycles. It also comes with a light baffle that uses advanced lightproof technology. It allows air to pass in and out through the tent but restricts any light from entering it. It ensures that plants grow in a stable environment.

Unlike other grow tents, this Dark Street from Secret Jardin doesn’t let the high-speed fan from sucking in the tent’s walls. It comes with a sturdy SpaceBooster that provides strength to the tent and keeps it in shape to allow you to grow more plants in the same space.

The grow tent is constructed of a sturdy metal that is zinc plated to prevent corrosion. Its new and engineered PolyPropylene connectors are more durable and help hold the tent together firmly.


  • SKU/Model: DL-SJDS120V40

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Excellent product. Second time I've purchased this.

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