Secret Jardin Dark Street 120 Wide v4.0 (4' x 2' x 6')

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Get your hands on this wider version of Dark Secret 120 v4.0 (4' x 2' x 6') from Secret Jardin if you want a long-lasting grow tent with heavy-duty construction. Featuring ceiling bars to hang equipment, engineered polypropylene corners, and advanced lightproof technology, it is the best investment for your plants and your comfort.

  • Robust Fabric: The tent is made up of robust 190M fabric that is completely lightproof from the outside, easily washable, tear-proof, and highly reflective from the inside.

  • Light Baffle: The tent comes with a light baffle to ensure 100% light proofing. It allows seamless movement of air in and out of the tent but restricts any light completely.

  • Ceiling Bars: The tent comes with sturdy ceiling bars specially designed to hang various equipment, including reflectors and filters.

  • Suitable For Larger Lights: You can use this grow tent with 400W and 600W HID lights and the larger T5 lights for propagation without any problem.

The Secret Jardin Dark Street 120 Wide v4.0 (4' x 2' x 6') is the perfect addition to your indoor garden, especially if you are looking to grow more plants in a limited space. Getting this grow tent will provide the best features to ensure better plant growth and ensure that you are comfortable while growing them.

With the tent's advanced lightproof features, you won't have to worry an ounce about even a ray of light getting in. The grow tent comes with tough external 210D fabric and extra strong zippers, which are virtually lightproof. It also enables you to confine the foul odor, moisture, and heat inside the tent itself. Further, the sealable and removable ventilation flaps on the bottom of the tent ensure that no light gets in.

The tent also has its 100% interior made of 95% reflective mylar M210D with a hammered effect that ensures that light reaches every corner of the tent with maximized intensity.

Also, this is one of the rarer models of grow tent that provides various features at such a price. The heavy-duty and sturdy construction of the tent is guaranteed to last you for many growing cycles to come. The extra strong zippers, sturdy metal poles that make up the tent's frame, newly engineered polypropylene corners, and ceiling bars to hang reflectors and filters- all make this grow tent a perfect choice. These accessories are also easy to clean and enable you to assemble the tent quickly and easily.


  • SKU/Model: DL-SJDS120WV40

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Hamilton Chipongian
Awesome Tent!

Awesome Tent! Works perfectly with my Atreum Lighting HYDRA-3200.

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