Secret Jardin Intense 480 v4.0 (16' x 10' x 92")

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The Secret Jardin Intense 480 v4 grow tent is a truly portable grow room that is as astounding in quality as it is in size. These wonderful products minimize the bother of locating a growing location that has both an optimum atmosphere and enough space for a large number of plants. They're not simply big: they're built with the same precision and care that Secret Jardin puts into all of its portable grow rooms. That means they all have a lightproof, washable, 95% reflective Mylar interior lining that's robust but not too thick, roll-up access doors secured with high-quality zippers, and plenty of access ports for ventilation, exhaust, electrical plugs, and other features.

  • Gorgeous Ventilation: The Secret Jardin Intense 480 v4 is designed with Indoor gardening horticulture in mind. It has a large zippered door and a Velcro side window that lets you keep an eye on your plants at all times. You can also control the airflow from the outside to keep the plants warm and give them better air circulation during the germination and flowering stages, which extends the growing season for plants. 

  • Highly Reflective: Featuring a 98% reflective Mylar lining and heavy-duty metal zippers, the Secret Jardin Intense 480 v4 is built to last. This keeps heat and light from escaping, so you can grow plants indoors and get the most out of the available light. 

  • Extra-Thick Canvas: The 900D oxford material used in the construction of the Secret Secret Jardin Intense 480 v4 hydroponics indoor growing tent is both tear-and water-resistant. Don't forget to cage your plants! the prevention of fugitive odors. Also, exclude any unwanted critters.

  • Easy Assembly: Even if you've never done anything like this before, the Secret Jardin Intense 480 v4 is easy to set up. The letters on the parts make it easy to put them together. You don't need any tools. Just make sure that all the rubber feet are facing the same way. The hydroponic growing room is also easy to take apart so that it can be cleaned or moved.

  • Rock-solid Stability: The Secret Jardin Dark Room 300 Wide is made of heavy-duty, rust-resistant tubes that make it last longer. It is strong enough to hold seed trays, pots, and plant growth lights, so your plants, herbs, flowers, fruits, and vegetables can grow well even in the winter.

This top-of-the-range product is dedicated to professional users! It consists of six high-quality models with market-exclusive dimensions and sizes: Robust components (stainless steel corners, thick tear-proof 900D canvas, aluminium tubes). product line with more applications (modular and removable partitions). The Intense line, which can be linked together, will allow you to create a true indoor garden.

Their strong aluminum structure is kept together by dual-locking stainless steel joints and can support up to 150 pounds of equipment in the tent's center. Growers that require more room than the largest Intense provides can take advantage of their ability to connect to one another simply and smoothly, even between different sizes. The customization options are virtually limitless!


  • Brand Secret Jardin

  • SKU SJINT480V30

  • Weight (lb.) 137

  • Length (in.) 188.98

  • Width (in.) 118.11

  • Height (in.) 84.65

  • UPC 5425030261767

  • Lead Time This product ships in 3-5 Business Days

  • Grow Tent Size 8ft x 16ft

  • Suggested Plant Count 40-54

  • Set-Up Dimensions 192" x 120" x 84"

  • Suggested Lighting (4) 1,000 Watts Lights or Equivalent

  • Recommended Ventilation 750+ CFM

  • Doors (2) Large Doors

  • Vents None

  • Windows (4) 240x120 cm, in string on both sides

  • Ducting Ports (8) 15" & (4) 11" Ducting Ports

  • Electrical Ports (12) 3" Electrical Ports

  • Interior Material Reflective Mylar (95% reflectivity)

  • Exterior Material Black Material

  • Includes Spill Tray Yes

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