Secret Jardin Lodge 160 v4.0 (5 1/4' x 4' x 6 2/3')

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The Secret Jardin Lodge 160 v4 is the most recent addition to Revision 4.0. This new variety includes two stations in one, allowing you to enjoy a bloom space and a growth area in the same tent. The restricted number of these items in small sizes allows for installation in tight locations and/or with little height (under slopes, lofts, etc.), which is a genuine revolution for a tent with two independent compartments. Ducting and cable flanges are included. There are numerous accessories supplied.

  • New and Modern: The Secret Jardin Lodge 160 v4 grow tent provides the same amazing durability and features as the original dark grow tent; they can create an excellent growing climate for your plants.

  • Sunlike Full-Spectrum Light: The full-spectrum LEDs deliver optimal full-spectrum coverage—offering power needed by your plants at all growth stages and maximum PAR output at various distances, supporting the photosynthesis of your plants in an efficient way.

  • Effective Ventilation: The Secret Jardin Lodge 160 v4 comes with a Powerful blower with a fan speed of 2550 RPM for an airflow of 390 CFM. moves air through your target location efficiently for optimal ventilation.

  • Temperature and Humidity Indicators When used in conjunction with the thermometer and hygrometer functions, you can always be aware of the current temperature and humidity level.

The Secret Jardin Lodge 160 v4 hydroponic mylar grow tent is made of high-quality 600D Oxford canvas with a reinforced PE layer and 100% reflective mylar walls that effectively reflect light to increase plant photosynthesis and productivity. Using the same LED grow light in other brands of the same size grow tent, laboratory studies show that the reflectivity of the Secret Jardin Lodge 160 v4 grow tent is more than 10% higher than that of other prominent brands on the market.

More Features of The Secret Jardin Lodge 160 v4

  • A complete growing combination designed for low spaces.

  • It includes a multi-layered and multi-purpose room.

  • 16 mm steel structure and tear-proof 190T canvas

  • Multiple socks and windows for all possible configurations.

  • Accessories included


  • Brand Secret Jardin

  • SKU L160

  • Weight (lb.) 39.24

  • Length (in.) 62.99

  • Width (in.) 47.24

  • Height (in.) 62.2

  • UPC 5425030261453

  • Lead Time This product ships in 3-5 Business Days

  • Suggested Plant Count 6-9

  • Set-Up Dimensions 63" x 48" x 81"

  • Suggested Lighting 600 Watts or Equivalent

  • Recommended Ventilation 400+ CFM

  • Doors 2 Large Doors

  • Vents 2 Vents

  • Windows 1 Medium Window

  • Ducting Ports (4) 8" Ducting Ports

  • Electrical Ports (1) 3" Electrical Port

  • Interior Material Reflective Mylar

  • Exterior Material Black Material

  • Includes Spill Tray No

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