Secret Jardin WebIt Trellis Netting 10' x 5' v1.5

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Enjoy a happy harvest and maximize yield with Secret Jardin WebIt Trellis Netting. This heavy-duty net is tangle-free and built to guard plants and provides them the support they need through vegetative and flowering cycles. It is perfect for the home and commercial growers that want to gain maximum out of their grow area while reducing maintenance.

  • Made Using Polypropylene: The mesh is manufactured using long-lasting, flexible, and sturdy polypropylene. Thus, it will not easily tear and can handle plenty of weight. So, it will offer plants with heavy branches the support they require.
  • Quick Installation: The trellis netting is user-friendly and has a tangle-free design. So, it is easy to install and does not need any professional tools.
  • Customized: It is custom-made to use with the most Secret Jardin products. So, you can easily install it into any Secret Jardin grow tent.
  • Gives Optimal Yields: Using the net, you can even create a canopy for equal light distribution. It can help you make your plants mold and bacteria-free and enhance your yield within a small area

Use Secret Jardin WebIt Trellis Netting to harvest your crops in your small home garden conveniently. It is great for horticulture and hydroponics use. The superb mesh design is excellent for vertical or horizontal trellising. In addition, it supports climbing plants such as beans, winter squash, tomatoes, cucumbers, peas, and others.

Regardless of your plant size, you can always rely on this plant support netting completely. You can use Secret Jardin WebIt Trellis Netting indoors and outdoors. In addition, it allows you to boost light and air exposure to your plants.

This helps your plants with the heaviest branches stand up in the hot summers and cold winters while enhancing the airflow beneath them. It makes them disease-free, lowers crop damage, and makes harvesting much easier.

Secret Jardin WebIt Trellis Netting is strong, durable, UV-resistant, and lightweight. It offers sturdy support to the plants in all seasons without damaging the stems. Thanks to the polypropylene build. Unlike metal trellis netting, this plastic net will stay rust-free. You can easily cut the net with scissors to the desired length if you want.

With it, you can also train your plants in the regions where they could not grow naturally. White trellis net comes in 3 mm diameter with gaps ranging from 10 to 15 mm. 

The trellis netting is also very easy to install horizontally or vertical. Each corner comes with hooks for quick installation and a rubber band to ensure great flexibility to the growers. So, invest in this super-quality net today and grow your plants to the maximum potential.


  • SKU/Model No.: DL-SJWEBIT300WV15

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