Sonic Bloom w/Vits ( 0-51-34 )

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Sonic Bloom (0-51-34) outperforms other PK boosters available on the market. It includes a heavy dosage of vitamins such as B1, B2, B3, and B6. You can use it to enhance the mass and size of flowers.

This powerful solution also promotes the production of fragrance and resinous oil in numerous and culinary herbs. As a result, sonic Bloom appears like powdered sunshine. For the incredible outcome, use this solution with Killer Tea and G10.

How to Use Sonic Bloom w/Vits?

Step 1: Mix one teaspoon of Sonic Bloom per one gallon of water.

Step 2: Use it when you see the first flowers.

Step 3: Continue this till a week or so before harvesting.


  • Boost the mass and size of flowers

  • Contains no dye

  • 20 X vitamin B1 of other famous bloom boosters

  • Promote fragrance production and resinous oil in many herbs and flowers


  • SKU/ Model Number: DL-ETSB-1LB

Customer Reviews

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Matthew VanBrocklin
Great all natural nutrients

Use Sonic Bloom to provide season long nutrients to my plants. The results are fantastic with larger, fuller, more robust flowering.

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