Speed Bully Motor Speed Controller

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The DL- 950001-speed controller is a device designed to control the speed of your AC/DC brush-type motors, fans, routers, and pumps. You can regulate the speed of your motor products with the variable adjustment dial. Additionally, the motor speed controller is equipped with an on/off switch, making it easier for you to operate. 

  • Fuse: It has a fuse fitted on the top side of the controller. It saves your pumps and motors from short circuits, thereby saving a lot of money.
  • Variable Adjustment Meter: The variable adjustment meter allows you to set variable potential or let it run on its actual potential. 
  • Color Settings: The motor speed controller has different colors displayed over the adjuster. It will let you know how strong the motor is blowing. You can increase or decrease the speed accordingly. 
  • Compact Design: The controller is available in a compact size and is lightweight. You can easily carry it with you.

Speed Bully motor speed controller allows you to control the speed of motors, pumps, and AC/DC brush-type motors. The motors should be equal to or less than 15 AMPS. 


  • SKU/Model No.: DL-950001

  • Manufacturer: Gro1

  • Brand: Speed Bully

  • Power Switch: Yes

  • Fuse: Yes

  • Input: 120V

  • Max AMPS: 15

Customer Reviews

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Douglas Keesling


anonymous anonymous

It is nice works good, it doesn't do 0 to 💯 % like it says it will. Close but no cigar.

anonymous anonymous


James Cogsil

It works fine, but motor I put it on needs more power than low of medium can handle

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