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Speedy and efficient perfectly define the bill counter. Not just one but you can count stacks of different currencies quickly! The bill counter makes sure that the counterfeit notes are spotted with magnetic band detection and broad ultraviolet easily. The bill counter helps accomplish a lot of tasks- adding/batching/self-examination functions, automatic stop/start clearing functions, half-note chain note detection.

  • Rapid Bill Counting: The whole process is rapid as the counter's counting speed is 1000pcs/minute. Also, the sending/receiving capacity of the machine is 300pcs and 200 pcs, respectively.

  • Multiple Currency Capacity: The speedy bill counter can manage multiple currencies at a single point of time, so you can get many stacks counted quickly.

  • Fake Currency Detection: Equipped with the latest technology, the board ultraviolet, and magnetic band detectors, the bill counter immediately finds out the counterfeit notes.

  • Certified Reliable: The bill counter has been certified by RoHS and CE, which means that the product complies with the basic yet essential requirements.

Get your cash counted and stacked at lightning-fast speed with the speedy bill counter. The matte black-colored counter is a multi-functional device that resolves various tasks simultaneously. When you are stacked with different currency denominations and want to arrange them in the least time possible, then the matte black counter can help you get the cash sorted in no time.

The billing counter supports various currencies, so you need to purchase a separate machine for every currency you receive. Isn’t that money-saving?

Get the stacks sorted quickly with the multi-device functioning. The money bill counting machine won’t just count the bills for you, but it will also detect counterfeit currency. The new end technology of the billing counter uses magnetic band detectors and board ultraviolet which helps spot the counterfeit bills.

Some of the other functions of the billing counter are: batching/adding/self-examination functions, automatic start/stop clear functions, half note/double note functions, auto/manual operation, and it can also detect double notes, chain notes, and half notes.

Along with the billing counter, you also receive a screwdriver, power cord, operation manual, and a convenient cleaning brush for its maintenance. The billing machine offers a great counting speed of 1000 pcs per minute. It functions smoothly and efficiently with the sending and receiving capacity of 300 pcs to 200 pcs.

The product does not take up much space, no matter where you place it. The counter dimensions are 320mm x 288mm x 205mm and weigh 5 kgs, which allows easy placement and storage.


  • SKU/Model No.: DL-141000

  • Model / Finish: 141000 / Matte Black

  • Counting Speed: 1000pcs/min

  • Sending / Receiving Capacity: 300pcs / 200pcs

  • Banknote Size Length/Width: Length 100mm-190mm / Width 50mm - 90mm

  • Banknote Size Thickness: 0.075mm - 0.15mm

  • Certification: CE / ROHS

  • Detection: UV / IR / MG / MT

  • Display Type / Counting Range: LED / 1-9999

  • Operating Power / Consumption: AC 110V± 10% 60Hz / <70w

  • Weight: 11lbs / 5kgs

  • Product Dimensions (in/mm): 12.6 x 11.3 8.1 / 320 x 288 x 205

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