Spider Farmer 100W SF1000D Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

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Do you want a grow light that gives a sun-like spectrum and does not cost much? Try Spider Farmer's 100W LED grow light. It is safe-to-use equipment that will make sure you get high output. You won't have to spend much on its upkeep. For better results and healthy plants, you need this grow light.

  • Better Light Penetration: The Spider farmer 100W LED grow light uses high-quality lightning that provides good penetration.
  • Safe to use: Special protective covers are available for the user's safety. It is also more reliable equipment than any other.
  • Sunlight Spectrum: It is a full spectrum LED light, and it provides your plants with heat that is equivalent to the heat emitted by the sun.
  • Costs less: The cost to install this LED grow light is quite less, and the electricity it uses is around 100W. 

The Spider Farmer's 100W LED grow light provides the plants with sun-like heat. It ensures that the plants get proper nutrition for their growth and photosynthesis. This LED light can be used for all the plant's life cycle phases, germination, or ripening stage. 

With this grow light, you get special protective covers for the cables that protect the users from mish. It also has a waterproof LED board that won't get destroyed even if used in a moist area. The aluminum heat sink present in this grow light ensures a good airflow throughout the equipment.

The cost to install this equipment is quite less. It uses 100W of electricity and produces 50% 

less heat so, even if you use your grow light for several days in a row, it won't give you high electricity bills. By using Spider Farmer's grow light, you can grow your vegetables to penetrate the plants properly. 

The Samsung 301D diodes used in the full spectrum grow light to give out uniform heating to all the plants. This grow light also ensures that your flowers and plants get adequate to light up till their roots. The water resistance feature of this grow light keeps the water away from it. With three years of after-service, you can get it replaced or repaired if it gets damaged. Investing money once in this equipment will help you solve all your indoor gardening problems. 


  • SKU/Model No.: LED-SF-SF1000D

  • Product Dimensions: 12.4 x 11 x 25.2 inches

  • Item Weight: 4.4 pounds

  • Input Power: 100 watt

  • Total number of LEDs: 218pcs

  • Veg Coverage: 3'x3'

  • Flower Coverage: 2‘x2’

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