Spider Farmer 300W SE3000 Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

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Do you need a grow light for your indoor farm/garden or hydroponic system? Then, have a look at Spider Farmer’s 300W SE3000 full spectrum LED grow light. It has all the important features you require for the care and nourishment of your plants or flowers. The weight and dimensions of this one-of-a-kind equipment are appropriate for commercial and personal use.

  • Made from Aluminium: The body of this grow light is made from aluminum that does not rust easily so, you don’t have to worry about frequently purchasing a new grow light.
  • Weighs Up To 13.72 pounds: The weight of a spider farmer’s grow light is approx—13.72 pounds, making it easier to carry around. 
  • Draws less power: This equipment uses 25W of electricity to work with, so you don’t get to pay heavy electricity bills.
  • 3000 lights can be fitted: There are at least 3000 lights fitted into the spider farmer’s grow light, which helps spread heat to the plants and flowers.

Introducing Spider Farmer’s 300W LED grow light for your indoor gardens/farms. It provides your plants and flowers with adequate heat that they require to grow and make their food. The body of a full-spectrum spider farmer grow light is made up of aluminum. Aluminum is a non-corrosive material, so you can rest assured that your grow light won’t get damaged easily.

It works on 25W of electricity, so you don’t worry about paying heavy bills. Furthermore, the whole grow light can fit in at least 3000 light bulbs in its tubes. This discharges a large amount of heat which would help your plants to grow properly. In addition, it comes with a dimmer with the help of which you can adjust the lighting of the equipment. 

The advantage of having a dimmer is that you can manage to vary in intensity with which the grow light disperses heat. For even distribution of heat Spider Farmer’s LED grow light has a bar light design. This design helps in covering the plant from every edge. So even the densest plants will get adequate heat. 

If you want to use this grow light for commercial purposes, it covers 2 x 2’ of areas. For personal use, it covers 3 x 3’ of area. It is a budget-friendly product that ensures your plant or flower gets ample energy. It also helps the plants in speeding up the photosynthesis process. There is a waterproof circuit board present in the grow light that helps it in protecting against any short circuits. 


  • SKU/Model No.: LED-SF-SE3000

  • Item Weight: 13.72 pounds

  • Package Dimensions: ‎26 x 10.1 x 9.2 inches

  • Style: ‎Garden

  • Color: ‎Silver

  • Material: ‎Aluminum

  • Number of Lights: ‎3000

  • Specific Uses:  ‎Indoor use only

  • Special Features: ‎Dimming Daisy Chain

  • Shade Material: ‎Aluminum

  • Type of Bulb: ‎Energy Efficient

  • Wattage: ‎300 watts

  • Average Life: ‎100000 Hours

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