SunBlaster 12W Prism Lens LED Strip Light, 6400K

vendor-unknownSKU: HF-SL0900660

Size: 12''

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The SunBlaster LED strip is a patented technology that creates highly advanced lighting solutions available in the market today. You can expect a 20% higher light output compared to the other competitive solutions available in the market.

What makes the SunBlaster LED more efficient and effective? The LED prism's best thing is that the LED focuses light downwards by creating a 90-degree beam angle. When light reaches the plant canopy, it stimulates faster and healthier growth.

You can daisy chain upto 8 units together with the use of link cords. Also, you can root healthier cuttings while growing healthier plants. The sunblaster prism lens LED delivers improved PAR, PPFD, and PPF.

The growlight uses a self-cooling technology that has been engineered to push the lighting output without creating unnecessary heat, wasting electronic resources like cooling fans and multiple other devices.


  • SKU/Model No.: HF-SL090066

  • 12" Prism Lens LED Strip Light

  • 6’ Power Cord with On/Off Switch

  • Link Cord 14”

  • Flush Mount Clips (2)

  • Hanging Clips (2)

  • Improved PAR, PPF & PPFD

  • 12 Watt

  • 1,600 Lumens

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