50 Inch x 25 Feet Standard Reflective Mylar 2 mil

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Don’t lose light with the Standard reflective mylar, which is almost 2mil thick and ensures maximum efficiency by dispersing light evenly over the plants. The mylar sheet is 98% reflective and does not allow light to pass through. Either side of the mylar sheet can be used as both are reflective. Due to proper light dispersion, there would be no hotspots.

  • No Hotspots: Due to light dispersion, you do not have to worry about the plants getting damaged under excessive heat.

  • Tear Resistant: The mylar is quite thick, almost measuring 2mil, so it doesn't tear upon application of pressure.

  • 98% Reflective: Light gets reflected towards the plants, so all the plants grow into healthy beings.

  • Easy Installation: The reflective mylar can be hung on walls, poles, pots easily.

Unlike in other cases, you do not lose light with the reflective mylar. It can be used for maximum efficiency. You can easily mount the mylar to poles, walls, pots so you can practically place the mylar anywhere. The mylar helps deliver light uniformly, so none of your plants are nutrition deprived.

The mylar offers 98% reflectivity and ensures optimum light reflection to plants. With its excellent light-blocking properties, the light won't be able to penetrate the mylar sheet. The side of the sheet can be used as both sides are reflective.

Don't worry about the hotspots as there won't be any. Why? As the sheet spreads mylar evenly, you do not have to worry about your plants getting burnt when placed under direct light. Also, the thickness of the fabric is the assurance of its durability as it won't tear down easily. The sheet is tear-resistant, which makes it highly reliable.


  • SKU/Model No.: DL-111025

  • 98% reflective

  • Optimum light return for your plants

  • Excellent light blocking capabilities

  • One side black, the other side reflective material

  • Reduces "hotspots" by spreading your light evenly

  • Tear Resistant

Customer Reviews

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don temple

Order came in on time, is what it said it was and I am very happy with the quality.


growing for 3 yrs always trimming lower part of plant due to low light not no more. used Mylar on last grow what a difference plants don't bolt towards light as much ,plants fill in nice and bushier. same seeds used but yield will be much higher. Worth the money

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