50 Inch x 150 Feet Standard Reflective Mylar 2 mil

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Standard mylar helps disperse light inside the grow tent which otherwise has been lost. The mylar is 98% reflective and comes with excellent capabilities to block light. Installation of the sheet is uber-convenient and you can mount it walls, stick it to poles and pots. Both the sides of the reflective mylar is useful as one can be used for absorbing light while the other for reflecting back.

  • Tear Resistant: The sheet does not get torn even upon applying force as the standard reflective mylar is quite thick and reliable.

  • No Hotspots: The standard mylar helps reduce the hotspots as it spreads light evenly to the plants. So, don't worry about your plants getting burnt.

  • Use Both Sides: Both sides of the canopy are reflective, so you get a full value for money.

  • Easy Installation: The sheet can be pinned, glued, or hung on various poles, pots and walls.

You do not have to lose light with the standard reflective mylar, which disperses it equally amongst all the plants. It ensures maximum efficiency as the light can be installed on all the surfaces with great convenience according to the requirement of the plants.

Attach it anywhere- maybe to the posts, poles, walls, or pots. It is completely your choice to get creative. The material is almost 98% reflective and highly efficient. You can utilize both sides of the mylar. Its thickness is twice that of any material available in the market—the sheet measures almost 2mil.

The sheet allows proper dispersion of light and does not create any hotspots, so your plants will never get burnt when exposed to direct sunlight. It spreads light evenly throughout, so the plants lying even in the corners get their due.

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David Taylor
Reflective Mylar

Good material for my needs. Note: (actual dimensions where): 48 inch x 150 feet. I can't argue about 2 inches.

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