50 Inch x 50 Feet Standard Reflective Mylar 2mil

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The standard reflective Mylar is highly efficient and does not let you lose any light while delivering maximum efficiency. You can paste the Mylar on walls, poles, pots, and where not. With 98% reflectivity, you can achieve optimum results and light without worrying about your plants getting damaged due to hotspots.

  • Tear Resistant: The material is thick and measures 2mil, so you do not have to worry about the material getting torn apart under unlikely conditions.

  • Reduces Hotspots: With proper dispersion of light, the light doesn’t concentrate on a particular part of the plant, reducing the risks of hotspots.

  • Both Sides Reflective: You can use either side of the mylar sheet due to its high reflectivity and dependability. You get full value for money with the standard reflective Mylar.

  • Light Blocking Capabilities: The material can block light and not let it penetrate through for maximum dispersion.

The reflective Mylar has been designed to deliver maximum possible efficiency and reflectivity. It can be attached to a variety of surfaces for delivering uniform light. You can get creative and mount the mylar sheet on the walls, or maybe glue or hang it.

It is highly reflective on both sides so that you can use it either way. The Mylar is almost 98% reflective and will deliver optimum light to the plants. With exceptionally good light blocking capabilities, the mylar sheet won’t light get through.

Use it from either side, as both are reflective. Also, the thickness of the sheet ensures its durability and dependability. It is tearproof so that you can stay completely assured about your investment.


  • SKU/Model No.: DL-111050

  • 98% reflective

  • Optimum light return for your plants

  • Excellent light blocking capabilities

  • Use either side, both are reflective

  • Reduces "hotspots" by spreading your light evenly

  • Tear Resistant

Customer Reviews

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Dylan Noles

Exactly as described

Gerard Perry

It’s just what I was looking for. And the price was right

Matthew gromiller
Good product.

Satisfied with the quality and size. Easy to hang.

Ethan Stroehlein

Came just in time

Ethan Stroehlein

Exactly what I needed thanks

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