SuperPonic 16 Site Hydroponic System

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SuperPonic 16 Site Hydroponic System is a 100% automated hydroponic grow system. Unlike the conventional hydroponic system, it allows your plants to grow safely, easily, and 5X faster. The custom-molded water reservoir is UV-stabilized and ensures quick cleaning. The biggest advantage is that even if one system malfunctions, plants will still thrive.

  • Plug-and-Play: SuperPonic 16 Site Hydroponic System comes completely assembled. Simply plug and add water. That’s it.
  • Food-Grade Reservoir: The reservoir is custom molded, easy to clean, and UV stable.
  • Drain Tube and Valve: Drain valve and tube are easily accessible. This allows changing of water with a breeze.
  • Automated Top Feed Dripper: Top feed dripper is automated. It ensures proper drip of nutrient solution to the selected medium and then slowly drains to the reservoir automatically.

SuperPonic 16 Site Hydroponic System blends the best of hydroponics. It’s because it consists of Deep Water Culture, automated top feeding, aeroponics, and a bubble.

It is designed to allow your plants to grow faster than other single hydroponics methods because it consists of two independent hydroponic grow systems running simultaneously. Thus, if any system becomes faulty, SuperPonic 16 Site Hydroponic System will ensure that all your plants will still thrive and grow healthy.

Bottom feed oxygenation and top feed watering will help you boost plant growth rate and ensure big yields. The package comes with 16 Net Cups, SuperPonic 16 Hydroponic Grow System, 185 GPH Water Pump, Eco Air 4 Air Pump, Analog Single Timer, and High Output Air Stones.

This Supersonic grow system allows plants to grow two times faster, unlike other systems and five times faster than soil. UV stable food-grade reservoir has the potential to hold upto 16 plants throughout the harvesting stage. Sixteen net cups allow you to accommodate upto 16 plants.

4 Eco air pumps are very powerful, durable, and have a quiet operation. They offer oxygen in hydroponic systems. 185 Gallon Per Hour Water Pump consists of a ceramic shaft, bearing, and oil-free magnetic rotor to ensure reliable operation. You need to plug the water pump into the timer. 

Analog Single Timer offers you the power to control the sunset and sunrise automatically. This incredible feature allows you to control the seasons. It also allows you to water all your plants uniformly regularly without much effort.


  • SKU/Model No.: SP-SPONIC-16S

  • Top Diagonal: 33 3/4”

  • Top Length: 28 1/4”

  • Top Width: 22”

  • Bottom Length: 24 1/4”

  • Bottom Width: 17 3/4”

  • Reservoir Height: 12”

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