SuperPonic 8 Site Hydroponic System

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Are you looking for hydroponic technology that can help you grow your plants faster and healthier? SuperPonics 8 Site Hydroponic is a fully automated system that accelerates the growth of your plants up to 5 times faster. It is a simpler and safer innovative technology that combines all the great features of hydroponics. Moreover, it integrates automatic top feeding, bubble, deep water culture, and aeroponics all in one.

  • Easy to Install: The hydroponic system can be installed by anyone and does not require any special attention once it starts up.
  • Space Efficient: The SuperPonic 8 Site Hydroponic System is modest and can be installed anywhere. 
  • Movable: You can easily transport the SuperPonic tray from one place to another without disturbing the plant's growth.
  • Two High-Efficiency Air Pumps and Air Stones: Eco Air series pumps are quiet but extremely powerful. They provide oxygen to plants in hydroponic systems.

The SuperPonic 8 Site Hydroponic System is a custom-molded, UV stable food grade tank capable of picking up to 8 plants from seed to harvest. It also has two powerful Eco Air pumps and high-flow air stones that deliver oxygen to your plants. Each pump is reliable, oil-free, and has a quiet operation. Additionally, each air pump comes with a 132 GPH gallon per hour pump that delivers unique hydroponic systems.

Whether you are a beginner, educator, or anyone interested in exploring hydroponics, it is the perfect technology for growers. Eight mesh cups allow you to nest up to 8 plants and an easy-to-access drain tube and valve that make it easy to change SuperPonic system water. It also adds security to your plants as there are always two independent hydroponic growing systems running simultaneously. If either method fails, your plants will still thrive!

SP-SPONIC-8S has a smart timer function that gives the user the power to control sunrise and sunset automatically. In addition, it allows you to manage the season according to your plants, whether they vegetate or produce beautiful fruits and flowers. The grow system features automatic top feed drippers that perfectly complement this popular deep water grow system.

This technology helps plants grow faster and produce higher yields of better-quality vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers. Best of all, it's compact in size and lightweight, allowing the tray to fit anywhere, no matter the bumps or the plane. However, growing your plants with top watering and bottom oxygenation will create extremely happy plants with fast growth rates and huge yields.


  • SKU/Model No.: SP-SPONIC-8S

  • Capacity: 132 Gallon

  • Timer: Analog Single Timer

  • 8 Net Cups 

  • Eco Air 2 Air Pump & High Output Air Stones

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