SuperPonic SuperFlow 32 Site Ebb and Flow Hydroponic System

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Gain bigger yields without much effort with SuperPonic SuperFlow 32 Site Ebb and Flow Hydroponic System. It is designed to ensure an excellent growth rate and allows your plants to grow 5’ tall. This low-maintenance system has a drain tube and valve, making water changes in a snap. Heavy-duty 35-gallon reservoirs offer years of stable support for your growth.

  • Adjustable Trays: The system comes with adjustable Superponic plant trays that allow you to place it in any area.
  • Large-Sized Diameter Ring: It consists of a big-sized diameter ring that helps you accommodate 100% natural nutrients.
  • 100% Safe: SuperFlow 32 Site Ebb and Flow Hydroponic System has 35-gallon reservoirs and trays that are UV-resistant, custom molded, and HDPE food-grade plastic. This makes it fully safe.
  • Grow Plants 5x Faster: This automated system allows you to grow your plants five times speedier than other traditional watering systems.

SuperPonic SuperFlow Ebb and Flow is the first aeroponic system with non-clogging potentials. It combines NFT, Aeroponics, and Ebb N Flow technologies into a single hydroponic system. Unlike other conventional hydroponic systems, it allows you to grow up to 5 times faster, easier, and safer.

This safe hydroponics grow system also consists of Superponic plant trays that come with snap-cap lids. This feature ensures quick cleaning, instant access to the root system, and hassle-free maintenance. 

Drain tube and valve make changing water a breeze and offer immediate access to the root system. In addition, the package comes with Eco Series Air Pump, SuperPonic Plant Trays, Eco Series Water Pump, and 35 Gallon Reservoir.

Adjustable Superponic plant trays allow users to fit them anywhere, and a large-diameter tubing consists of only thick and natural nutrients for better growth of plants. Reservoir and trays are manufactured using HDPE food-grade plastic. This makes them strong, durable, and UV-resistant.

The reservoir comes with a 35-gallon capacity and is black. Besides this, the Eco Series Air Pump is long-lasting, powerful, and has a silent operation. It is also easy to run without oil. Its main operation is to offer oxygen in the hydroponic systems.

This high-performance ebb and flow system also includes the Eco Series Water Pump, which is powerful and reliable. Thanks to the ceramic shaft and oil-free high magnetic rotor.

The water pump is the heart of this unique hydroponic system. The user just needs to set the timer, and the plants will never be thirsty again. Buy this Superponic Hydroponic grow system today and watch your plants grow upto 5’ tall!


  • SKU/Model No.: SP-SFLOW-32S

  • Brand: Superponics

  • Weight: 67 lbs

  • Total Plant Count: 32

  • Material: custom molded food-grade plastic

  • Dimensions:  73.5" x 39.25"

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