SuperPonic XL 12 Site Hydroponic System

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Looking to grow too many plants but don't have proper space for them in your home? Save space with the SuperPonic XL 12 Site hydroponic system. It is designed to grow your plants up to 5 times safer, faster, and easier. This technology merges the best hydroponics - automated top feeding, deep water cultivation, bubbles and aeroponics.

  • Sturdy Plastic Tank: This feature will provide years of strong and stable support for your crops.
  • Powerful Air Pump: This robust and durable pump is extensively used to supply oxygen in hydroponic systems, and it is convenient to use without oil and noise.
  • Easy to Assemble: SuperPonic plant trays are easy to set up, clean, maintain, and you can immediately access the root systems of your plants.
  • Smart Timer: It comes with a unique timer that acts like a personal gardening robot and helps your plants never be thirsty again.

SuperPonic XL is the very first non-clogging aeroponic system. It comes with 12 Net cups and a 185-gallon capacity that lets you store enough water for your farming without consuming a lot of space. The biggest advantage is that no tools or special training are required for the setup.

Besides, there are two independent hydroponic growing systems that work simultaneously. So even if a system is malfunctioning, your plants will continue to thrive! In addition, Super Flow hydroponics systems require low-maintenance and have adjustable trays that are customized to fit any space.

This system is equipped with a unique analog timer that ensures your plants receive water at the right time, based on a cyclic program. It also gives you the power to automatically control sunset and sunrise with that they allow you to manage the season according to your plants whether they are vegetating or producing beautiful fruits and flowers. Besides, four air pumps distribute oxygen to the nutrient solution of your plants so that they can grow healthily.

The trays and tanks are made from custom molded, UV resistant, thick HDPE food grade plastic making it the safest and best hydroponics system. You can place it comfortably, even in a bumpy place.

Apart from this, growing your plants with both top watering and bottom oxygenation will make your plants happy with fast growth rates and huge yields. So, if you want a system that will give you many strong plants and that is easily customizable, the SuperPonic XL 12 Site hydroponic system is the way to go.


  • SKU/Model No.: SP-SPONIC-12XL

  • Capacity: 185 Gallon

  • Timer: Analog Single Timer

  • 12 Net Cups 

  • Eco Air 4 Air Pump & High Output Air Stones

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