SuperPonics BubbleFlow Bucket 24 Site DWC System

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Want to test your hydroponic gardening skills? Try SuperPonics BubbleFlow Bucket 24 Site. It is an automated recirculating hydroponic system designed to give growers the biggest yields from their harvests. Bubble flow buckets have consistent TDS and pH readings. It removes the need for frequent surveillance of the essential metrics of the system.

  • 35-Gallon Water Reservoir: This DWC system has a custom-molded and high-quality food-grade reservoir with a 35-gallon capacity. It offers years of strong support to the plants.
  • High Yield: 24 Bubble Buckets manage PH and TDS levels in a better way. It ensures your plants will grow speedily and gives you a better yield.
  • Minimal Risk of Diseases and Pests: Growing plants on bubble buckets means less risk of plant diseases and unwanted pests.
  • Prevents Overwatering of Plants: With the SuperPonics BubbleFlow system, it's impossible to overwater plants because roots grow in the oxygenated water.

Want your hydroponic garden to reach its full potential without any additional work? Then, the SuperPonics BubbleFlow system is the right choice. It is effective, affordable, and easy to set up. It blends ‘ebb n flow’ and ‘bubble bucket’ technology into a fully automated grow system to help growers save money, space, and energy.

One of the biggest features of this bubble bucket system is it needs minimal maintenance. Once you set it up, you need to see the water levels and change the nutrients when required.

This 24-site fully automated hydroponic grow system includes 24 x 5 Gallon Bubble Buckets, 1 x 35 Gallon Reservoir, an Eco Series Water Pump, an Eco Plus Pro Air Pump, and 24 x 10 Inch Net Pots.

Bubble flow buckets are buckets with water. They come with a lid and a hole where the small plants go through. With time, the plant roots will grow into the bucket.

They have similar Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) and pH readings due to the add-on of the up-welling feature. They also ensure even nutrient and water distribution to all plants across the DWC system.

An Eco Series Water Pump pumps the water through these bubble buckets. Eco Plus Pro Air Pump combines nutrients and aerates the water. 35 Gallon Reservoir is made using heavy-duty plastic and has excellent UV resistance. 

10” Net Pots are the plastic hydroponic grow container that consists of holes in the bottom. It offers sturdy support to the plants to make them grow big while preventing pump damage. Invest in BubbleFlow Bucket 24 Site system and make the grow productive on a small scale.


  • SKU/Model No.: SP-BFLOW-24S

  • Number of Sites: 24

  • Brand: Superponics

  • Weight: 61 lbs

  • Dimensions: 42 × 25 × 17 inches

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