SuperPonics BubbleFlow Bucket 6 Site DWC System

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The SuperPonics BubbleFlow Bucket 6 Site DWC System is a fully automated hydroponic grow system that offers the best yields every time. It is a combination of DWC and other advanced technologies that eliminates the requirement of continuous surveillance. You can transport your seedlings and young plants in this easy-to-use six bucket system.

  • Reservoir: The system comes with a heavy-duty reservoir specially designed for growers mainly for hydroponic use.
  • Bubble Buckets: The six net pots and six deep bubble buckets creates the day of pampering at your garden spa. Your plants receive water and every other thing they need for growth.
  • Premium Air Pump: The premium air pump offers required oxygen in hydroponic systems and silent operation for your convenience.
  • Water Pump: A powerful water pump supplies water at the rate of 185 gallons per hour and runs with a smooth operation without much maintenance.

SuperPonics BubbleFlow 6-site system combines the technology of flow buckets and bubble buckets to a fully automatic hydroponic grow system. It comes with a 35 Gallon durable plastic reservoir that lasts longer for plant growth. Easy access to the reservoir enables you to fulfill all the feeding and watering needs for your plants.

The air pump is eco-friendly and runs with silent operation. Therefore, running the air pump will not disturb you or the neighbors in any way. However, despite the silent operation, the pump is powerful and delivers outstanding performance and oxygen for plant roots.

The pump in the system offers a high-power flow, and deep water culture offer air diffused oxygenation. It is powerful and the oil-free magnetic rotor, bearing, and ceramic shaft ensure a silent operation. It comes with six 10" large net pots and six 5 gallons upwelling deep culture buckets.

The Eco plus air pump is made of aluminum, offers an adequate supply of oxygen in hydroponic systems, and is convenient to operate in all conditions. It is designed with sturdy aluminum to minimize noise and vibration. The pump runs silently, and the oil-free compressor allows easy maintenance.

Also, the bubble flow buckets maintain the consistency of pH and TDS in water and nutrient distribution throughout the hydroponic grow system. The hyper oxygenated environment created by each bucket is sure to boost the growth of your plants.

Overall the supersonics bubble flow bucket system is a must-have for those who want lush green plants within a few months. All the other trees, shrubs, and your neighbors are sure to envy watching the growth of your plants.


  • SKU/Model No.: SP-BFLOW-6S

  • Capacity: 185 Gallon per hour

  • Length: 90"

  • Width: 48"

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