SuperPonics BubbleFlow Bucket 8 Site DWC System

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Get the best and biggest crop yield than any bubble bucket system on the market using SuperPonics BubbleFlow Bucket 8 Site Deep Water Culture. Each bubble flow bucket plant site will have consistent TDS and pH readings. It ensures that your hydroponic garden reaches its full potential without any additional effort.

  • Hyper-Oxygenated Buckets: This fully automated system consists of bubble flow buckets that are hyper-oxygenated. It ensures optimum root health and speedier plant growth.
  • Accessible Reservoir: SuperPonics BubbleFlow provides quick access to the water reservoir. It means you have a single place to manage all the water maintenance and feeding needs.
  • Consistent TDS and pH Readings: Each of the plant sites will have consistent TDS and pH readings. It removes the need for constant surveillance on the essential metrics of your grow system.
  • Speedy Maintenance of Water Pump: The water pump consists of an oil-less compressor, ensures quick maintenance, does not need lubrication, and reduces vibration and noise.

Growing a big indoor garden is not as easy as it seems. Bubble bucket systems usually face frequent problems with TDS and pH pockets. It creates a dangerous micro-environment in the buckets. The primary reason behind this is the lack of air circulation throughout the system.

SuperPonics BubbleFlow is an easy-to-use system that allows you to transport your clones and enjoy massive yields. It combines Ebb N Flow and bubble bucket technology into a single automated hydroponic grow system. 

It has similar readings due to the addition of an ebb n flow feature. Thus, it has consistent TDS and pH readings. It ensures uniform nutrient distribution all across the system.

This DWC bubble flow bucket system also generates outcomes quickly. Thanks to the hyper-oxygenated environment in each bucket. The system comes with an Eco Plus Pro Air Pump, a 35 Gallon Reservoir, an Eco Series Water Pump, 8x 10” Net Pots, and 8x 5 Gallon Bubble Buckets.

The water reservoir is UV stable and custom-molded. It is made using durable plastic that offers many years of stability and strong support for your grows. Besides this, bubble buckets are capable of holding net pots of 8 – 10 diameter.

An Eco Series Water Pump is the quietest and extremely powerful water pump on the market. It supplies oxygen in hydroponic systems, fish farms, aquariums, etc. Apart from this, a robust aluminum body offers high durability.

Furthermore, an Eco Series Water Pump is one of the essential components of deep water culture hydroponic systems. It comes equipped with a ceramic shaft, an oil-free and strong magnetic motor, and a bearing to ensure smooth operation. The grower just needs to add the water pump into the timer.


  • SKU/Model No.: SP-BFLOW-8S

  • Weight: 63 Oz

  • Number of Sites: 8

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