SuperPonics SuperCloner 14 Site Propagation System

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Want to promote luscious and speedy white root development to maximize your yield? SuperPonics SuperCloner 14 Site Propagation is an excellent option. This deep water culture system is designed to allow growers to germinate, vegetate and clone about 50 plants. Since the system is completely automated, it removes all the guesswork.

  • Eco-2 Air Pump and Air Stones: It is equipped with a high-quality air pump and air stones that pump more oxygen to the plant roots.
  • 14 Net Cups: The product comes with 14 net cups to give you 14 growing opportunities.
  • SuperCloner Hydroponic Cloner: It creates the right micro-climate for the plants to grow healthier.
  • Easy Assembly: The system comes with the instruction manual to help you assemble components quickly and get started easily.

Harvest or flower your plants with the SuperPonics 14-site system. It is specially engineered to provide 100% germination, vegetative, and cloning success. It is packed with useful features that give the indoor plants what they need in their early growth stages.

The system is very easy to clean and durable. For cleaning, just refresh your reservoir after every one or two weeks, add nutrients, adjust pH and see your plants growing. It uses a deep water culture style of hydroponics to immerse plant roots in the highly oxygenated nutrient water.

This unit comes with 14 net cups, an Eco-2 air pump and net stones, the SuperCloset instruction manual, and SuperCloner 14-site hydroponic cloner.

Eco-2 air pump and air stones are strong, long-lasting, and quiet. It provides air to the plant root zone and hyper-oxygenate nutrient-rich water to get the best possible outcome from the plants. The biggest benefit of the Eco-2 air pump is that you can run it without using oil.

SuperCloner 14-site hydroponic cloner consists of a humidity super dome that helps to build the appropriate micro-climate for the indoor plants inside the system.

Fourteen net cups are plastic containers with holes in the bottom. They ensure uniform drainage and let your plants grow their own way down through them, thereby allowing healthier and bigger roots.

SuperCloset instruction manual consists of simple to follow assembly guide and tips to make cloning an easy operation. So, you can start growing in no time. The system also has a 3-year warranty on every component. Buy SuperPonics SuperCloner 14 Site Propagation system and watch your indoor plants grow 2′ in height.


  • SKU/Model No: SP-SCLONER-14S

  • Weight: 5 lbs

  • Dimensions: 18.7 × 4.6 × 5.7”

  • Number of Cups: 14

  • Number of Sites: 14

  • Warranty: 3 years

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