SupremeLux 500W CMH Agro Lamp

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CMH Lamps: 4K
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B-Lite offers adjusted horticultural spectrum in HID grow lamps. Our lamps are made to assure consistency in quality and optimized for high performance.

· Follow all local regulations for proper lamp disposal.
· Lamps used beyond their recommended life are more prone to bursting and can cause serious injury.
· Lamps can burst if misused. Make sure your lamps do not come in contact with moisture, and check for damage in the glass.
· Proper eye protection needs to be used at all times as intense UV light can cause permanent damage to the eyes.
· Do not use HID lamps near flammable items like fabric or paper as flash fires can occur.
· HID lamps operate at high temperatures and can cause severe burns if used improperly.
· Always ensure the end wires are straight when installing a new lamp.
· Always use gloves to keep lamp glass clean from dirt and oils.
· Always ensure the fixture is unplugged before installing your lamps.
· Never operate a lamp above or below its rated current or voltage.

The materials inside the inner glass envelope are the salts that compromise the proprietary gas chemistry in SupremeLux Lamps. These salts usually burn off after a seasoning / break in period of approx 100 hours. A slight pulsating of the lamp is common until the lamp is fully seasoned. After this period, your lamp will be operating at it’s optimal performance. Double ended metal halide lamps are not designed to be run for 24 hours a day. This will shorten the lifespan of the lamp.

WARNING: This lamp can cause serious skin burn and eye inflammation from shortwave ultraviolet radiation if outer envelope of the lamp is broken or punctured. Do not use where people will remain for more than a few minutes unless adequate shielding or other safety precautions are used. Complies with the USA Federal Standard 21 CFR 1040.30 and Canada Standard SOR/80-381. Specifications
· CMH-500W/T12/U/O/EcoFH

Perfomance Data
· Light Output (Lumens @ 100 Hours) - 60000
· Lumens per Watt (lw/w) - 120
· Rated Life (Hours @ 10 Hour/Start) - 15000
· Correlated Color Temperature (K) - 4100
· Color Rendering Index (CRI) or (Ra) - >90
· Photon Flux (µmol/s) - 950
· Burning Position - H

Physical Data/Requirements
· Max Base Temperature (?) - 250
· Max Bulb Temperature (?) - 450
· Luminaire Type - Open/Enclosed

Lamp Electrical Data/Requirements
· ANSI Standard Ballast - C182/0 or Electronic
· Lamp Wattage (W) - 500W
· Lamp Operating Voltage (V) - 120V
· Lamp Operating Current (A) - 4.0A
· Min. - Max. Starting Pulse (Peak KV) - 3-4
· Bulb Material - Quartz Glass
· Arc Tube Material - PCA

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