LuxStar 2ft. 4 Tube Fluorescent Grow Light Kit (Bloom Blub)

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The low-profile lights feature 4 bulbs which have been designed ideally for indoor grows and for undercover use. The grow light emits very little heat, so you can place it closer to the plants and provide them with sufficient light. The light can be dimmed by 50%, and it uses digital ballasts, which lets you create unique light recipes for various plants.

  • Hang in 3 Different Ways: Hang it horizontally, vertically, and completely overhead to reach the maximum number of plants and boost growth.

  • Low Heat Emission: Minimum amount of heat output means that the plants lying closer to the light won't be damaged, making the fixture perfect for installation in low-lying areas.

  • Dimming Feature: By dimming the fixture to 50%, you can create unique light recipes adjusted according to the different stages of plant growth.

  • Low-Profile Light: The fixture can be placed closer to the plants and is ideal for hanging inside narrow growing spaces.

If you have a narrow growing space, don't worry the grow light can be installed there due to its low-profile design.

The light comes equipped with a digital ballast which lets you take complete control over the light output. Sudden power surges do not impact the efficiency of the grow light due to the ballast which comes along. Fluctuation and power flickering won't impact the life of the grow light.

The dimming feature of the grow light lets you adjust the light output by almost 50%. The dual power switches can help you dim the light intensity. You can hang the fixture exactly overhead, vertically, or horizontally.

You get multiple ways to hang the fixture and use the growing space according to the plants' requirements. The bulb is perfect for supporting the flowering stage of the plants. The dimensions of the fixture are 23 1/4"x13 1/4"x2 1/4".

The ballast is UL certified, which makes it safe for usage under different conditions. The ballast comes with a brown powder-coated steel housing that won't ever fade, keeping it as good as new. This isn’t even the best part- the grow light uses a German aluminum mirror, which offers 95% reflectivity.

Did you know the ballast can help seed sprouting in hydroponics? The grow light gives perfect spectrum output that is ideal for fruiting, flowering, and promoting plant growth. The grow light does not emit dangerous ultraviolet and infrared rays; therefore, you don't have to fear damaged plants.

A single panel can provide coverage to a 3 square ft. area. The best time for exposing plants to the light is between 10 and 14 years.


  • SKU/Model No.: DL-750242

  • UL Certificate

  • Textured brown powder-coated steel housing never fades.

  • Built-in ballast for stable light output effect.

  • German aluminum mirror reflectors have 95% reflectivity.

  • Advanced W-shade design offers excellent reflectivity & diffusion.

  • Two ON-OFF switches is convenient to control the intensity of the light(2 lamps on if required).

  • Louvers make the ballast and light tubes cool and much safer.

  • Lower heated T5 light will protect your plants or fishes/aquatic well.

  • Provide "sunlight" to maintain oxygen production by aquatic's photosynthesis for fishes, especially good for aquariums with float grass and algae.

  • Can be hanged horizontally or vertically.

  • Easy to install and use, plugging into the electric outlet(120 Vac) directly.

  • The lumen, lifetime, and stability of T5 light is better than those of T8 light.

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