LuxStar 2ft. 4 Tube Fluorescent Grow Light Kit (Grow Blub)

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Hydroponic systems need a tremendous amount of light, and the four-foot T5 grow light helps deliver the same. It gives out 6500K color temperature, thus imitating the natural sunlight properties. The fixture's output is controlled with the attached ballast, which makes sure that there is a steady flow of current, so during fluctuations, the grow bulb does not get damaged.

  • UL-Certified: The certification means that the grow light kit has been evaluated for safety purposes.

  • High-Reflectivity: The grow light is equipped with a German aluminum mirror which ensures 95% reflectivity as a result light reaches a maximum number of plants.

  • Low Heat Emission: Due to the controlled heat output, do not worry about your plants getting damaged; the heat is in complete control.

  • Hang Horizontally and Vertically: You can hang the fixture, either way, to accommodate it according to the size of the grow tent and the plantations' need.

The T5 is a 4-foot grow light that gives out 6500K color temperature, which is considered the most favorite accessory of the hydroponic system. The system uses linear tubes which emit infrared and ultraviolet radiations.

With the ballast, the fixture's output is completely controlled and reduces the chances of the fixture getting damaged due to sudden power surges. The grow light panel provides coverage to a wide growing area and is ideally suited for indoor gardens.

The grow light has been UL certified, making it ideal and safe for use under all conditions. The grow light can be used for commercial purposes. The grow light comes with a Fulham workhorse which maintains the stable output of the grow light fixture. The fixture has been coated with brown steel housing, which does not let the ballast fade over time.

The fixture has a German aluminum mirror reflector which offers 95% reflectivity. The fixture has an advanced w-shape design which gives out maximum exposure. It comes with on and off switches, which helps you in controlling multiple lamps.

The grow light helps boost sprouting in the hydroponics garden. Also, with the proper use of T5 grow light, the production of chlorophyll is enhanced. There won’t be any infrared and ultraviolet rays, so you never have to worry about your plants getting damaged. Lighting time for the plants is between 10 to 14 hours.

The hydroponic system will maintain a sufficient amount of oxygen by boosting aquatic photosynthesis for fishes. The grow light is equipped with T5 light, which provides light coverage to the entire aquarium.


  • SKU/Model No.: DL-750241

  • Power Supply: 110V

  • Actinic Tubes: 4 tubes

  • Power: 4x 27watts

  • Illumination: 4x 2,000Lum (total 8,000Lum)

  • Color Temperature: 6500K white

  • Hanging Rope Material: Steel

  • T5 Tube Length: 22"

  • Dimension: 24" L x 13-1/4" W x 2-1/2" H

  • Hanging Rope Vertical Distance: 6"

  • Power Cord: 7ft

  • Recommended Coverage: one panel per 3 square ft

Package Includes:

  • 1X2ft T5 Grow Light Panel with Steel Ropes

  • 4X6500K T5 Fluorescent Linear Tubes (installed)

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I put this around the inside of a carbonate and not the other and the difference is --or was amazing-I even have it hanging down right above my cfl's I use in the cab.I air them out while sometimes a small burn on leaves in back-to warm-the love it-I only use 2 23 watt cfl's-in 2 cabs.I t5 with 4 tubes-80watt-above other vegging seeded and clones. about8-surrounded in Mylar-grow roon-2b2-and almost 2by 2 next to it.With 150hps and A 50 WATT QUAD LED LIGHT THAT WORKS GREAT-BOTH LIGHTS WORK GREAT BUT WHEN THE BUDS QUIT GROWING I PUT UNDER LED AND THEY RESTARTED TO GROW OUT THE ENDS.I have whole place covered in this perfect material-MYLAR-WORKS THE BEST-I also put Mylar on cardboard to be able to get closer to plants-With out Mylar painted surface white will work but nothing like Mylar-buy a roll and tack it up-I also use a little window sealant behind corners so it stays in place but can be removed-buy Mylar see ya steamer

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