Table Top Trimming Station

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Want to plant seedlings or wish to report the plants without making the surroundings messy? Get the trimming section which can be placed at the tabletop or counters to solve various purposes. The tray is deep, and it comes with a shelf for placing tools. The grip handles make holding and carrying the trimming station easier.

  • Easy Handling: The handles allow easy grip and can be carried from one place to another.

  • Deep Tray: The tray is deep and won’t let the material inside the clay come or fall out of the tray. Whether it contains fertilizer, soil, or water, it will stay stored inside the tray.

  • Convenient Shelf: It can store tools, gloves, pots, making them easy to reach and not letting them fall out from the tray.

  • Comfortable Working Angle: The front of the tray has a cut-away angle, making it a perfect working angle for growers using the tray.

The tabletop trimming station is perfect equipment for transferring seedlings, working on plants, and changing the pots. Place all your tools inside the equipment without creating a mess in your surroundings. Inside the tray, there is a shelf where you can place the pots and the tools for the plants. It helps with storing gloves, pots, and certain garden tools.

Handling and moving the plant is easy and quick as it comes with easy-grip handles, making the entire process a breeze. It has a cut-away front, which makes it an easier working angle for you. Place the fertilizer, water, and soil on the shelf and do not allow any mess. The deep tray does not allow spillage. The measurement of the tray is 26inches X 6inches X 22inches.

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Randy Sandoval

Works great! Just used it. I have 2.

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