The House of Hydro - Replacement Mist Maker Float/Buoy

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We have mist maker floats for the 1, 3, 5, 6, 9, 12, and 12XL mist makers for sale. Most of our spare mist maker buoys will also fit other manufactures Ultrasonic Mist Makers.

Note: If purchasing a mist maker, we include a float with the kit. You do not need to purchase another one here.

Use this floating ring to hold the mist maker at the proper operating level in the water. 

Can I use a mist maker without a float? - Yes! If you want to use a mist maker without a float, you need to regulate the water level to around 1 inch above the mist makers discs so that the depth of the ultrasonic discs remains constant. You can do this with our mini auto fill float. Please wary of water temperatures when running a mist maker in shallow water. The mist maker needs sufficient water to cool itself. 120F max

Dimensions of Mist Maker Floats:

1 Disc:
  • Diameter: 110mm

  • Height: 60mm

  • Opening: 45mm

3 Disc:
  • Diameter: 160mm

  • Height: 75mm

  • Opening: 70mm

5 Disc:
  • Diameter: 195mm

  • Height: 80mm

  • Opening: 90mm

6 Disc:
  • Diameter:  153mm x 343mm 

  • Height: 60mm

9 Disc:
  • Diameter: 254mm

  • Height: 85mm

  • Opening: 125mm

12 Disc:
  • Diameter: 280mm

  • Height: 80mm

  • Opening: 155mm

  • WxL: 230mm x 305mm

  • Height: 95mm

  • Opening: 133 x 203mm

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