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Make life easy with our humidistat. This humidity controller sometimes called a Greenhouse controller will automatically turn your mist maker and fan on when the desired humidity levels fall out of the preset range, and the humidity controller will turn the fogger and waterproof fan off when the humidity reaches your preset upper level. 

This will run multiple smaller units such as (1, 3, 5 disc), or a single (6, 9, or 12 disc).

To run multiple mist makers, or a mist maker and a fan, you will need to use a small Heavy Duty GFI powerstrip.

How does it work?: 

For example, to keep humidity between 70% and 85%, or any predetermined level,  you will...

Set HC=H (Humidification mode), set Lb=70 and Hb=85. When the measured humidity is below 70%, the mist maker will be turned on. When the measured humidity reaches 85%, the mist maker will be turned off.

  • 1 YEAR Warranty on the unit, 3-year warranty on the sensor!!

  • Size: Approx. 125mm*91mm*40mm / 4.92inch x 3.58inch x 1.57inch 

  • Humidity sensor cable length: 3m / 9.8ft 

  • Humidity Measuring Range: 1% ~ 100% RH 

  • Humidity control range: 1% - 99%

  • Control resolution: 1%

  • Humidity Measuring accuracy: 1%

  • Power Supply: AC 110V/120V

  • Data retention: YES, settings are remembered after powering off

  • Power consumption: less than 3W 

  • Relay contact capacity: AC 10A/240V, 10A/110V

 PRO TIP: Make a "J" hook using a rubber band or zip tie at the end of the probe cable to keep the probe pointing upwards. This way, any condensed water will drip off the cord, not the sensor. 

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