Triple X2 Double Ended Air Cooled Reflector 8''

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The cooled reflector is double-ended and uses the DE technology to provide the right amount of light to your garden. The german aluminum reflector comes with wide angles, which disperses the right amount of light to all the plantations.

The triple X2 DE air-cooled reflector highly-efficient DE bulbs ensure increased light spectrum, better lumen maintenance, and accelerated warm-up times. The dimensions of the fixture are 37"L X 27.6"X 10.2"H.

  • Good Reflective Properties: To increase the efficiency of light, the air-cooled reflector comes coated with reflective aluminum on the 4 sides, thus increasing light efficiency.

  • Steel Clamps and Hinged Glass: The reflector comes flipped down the glass, making it a breeze to use. The steel locking clamps and rubber seal ensures that the system is air-tight, close, and secure.

  • Support Lines: The added support feature saves you from unnecessary accidents and gives you more during bulb replacement and cleaning.

  • Double-ended Sockets: The double-ended sockets are pre-mounted and can be used with 600HPS and 1000WDE lamps.

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