Unibit Step drill 1/4-1 3/8"

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Unibit step drill is specially made for drilling holes of multiple sizes using one bit. You can even do this without even changing the drill bits. This equipment is beneficial for the growers using hydroponic drip systems and ebb & flow systems. It comes with an HSS titanium coating for great protection. 

  • HSS Titanium Coating: Each drill bit has a high-end HSS titanium coating. It enhances lubricity, lowers the heat, and extends its life.
  • Tri-flatted Shank: It comes equipped with a tri-flatted shank that fits perfectly into power chuck tools safely and prevents slipping.
  • Two-Flute Design: Unibit step drill has a two-flute design that ensures smooth cutting and allows particles to escape quickly.
  • Versatile Uses: It is perfect for drilling into copper, wood, steel, plastic, fiberglass, aluminum, and brass.

Unibit step drill is essential equipment for ebb & flow and hydroponic drip system growers. It is strong and durable enough for drilling multiple-sized holes perfectly using a single bit. It is suitable for wood, fiberglass, brass, copper, steel, plastic, and aluminum. This means with it, you can easily drill big to small homes.

You can also use it to clear edges and enlarge existing holes. The biggest advantage is that there is no need to change bits when you need to drill a new-sized hole. In addition, it comes equipped with a split point tip for a speedier start. As a result, the Unibit step drill works at a faster rate and creates very neat holes.

The bit also features a hex shank that fits well into the power tools chuck perfectly and helps prevent slipping in the drill chuck. This high-speed step drill is made using high-quality and long-lasting steel. Single-flute drills round holes and offer excellent step control. Moreover, hole sizes are laser-engraved on the inside of the flute. Therefore, it will not damage for a long time.

Unibit step drill has an HSS titanium coating to ensure high durability and performance at the customer’s end. It also reduces friction and extends the life of the drill bit. Unique bit design allows smooth cutting.

To prevent dullness on your stepped drill bit, make sure you sharpen the flute and non-walking drill tip on a routine basis. Also, do not forget to lubricate the drill. It will help you extend the life of its cutting edges. This stepped drill bit consists of ten steps that range from ¼” to 1 3/8”. So, invest in the Unibit step drill today to ensure smooth and speedier drills.


  • Model No./ SKU: DL-990817

  • Brand: Grow1

  • Brand: Irwin Tools

  • Material: Metal

  • Item Dimensions (LxWxH): 6" x 3" x 2"

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Great price. I used it immediately on delivery to enlarge a hole in an electrical box. Went smoothly without dulling the bit.


This product is 100% nessary if you use grow trays. I cut my first tray with a drill and a dremel cutting saw... terrible results but worked with excessive silicone. I had to repeat this 3 more times... so I purchased this Unibit Step drill bit and I was able to cut all 3 trays, perfectly, within 5 minutes. It was so easy and took 100% of the stress out. I would recommend to anyone that is looking to drill into trays or buckets!!!

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