USHIO 600w Super HPS Lamp

UshioSKU: HF-US5001670

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The grow lamp is the modern horticulture solution that delivers an optimized spectrum, high lumen output, and irradiance. The super HPS lamp promises a highly reliable function during its growth cycle. The grow light has been made using the highest quality material and delivers consistent performance throughout its life. The grow lamp is ideal for promoting the growth of vegetation and flowers.

The Ushio’s Hilux promises safe functioning, and it has been engineered in Germany by an ISO-certified facility. The fixture dimensions are 2.00L x 2.00W x 13.00H, and its average rated life is 24000.


  • Package Dimensions: 2.00L x 2.00W x 13.00H

  • Average Rated Life Hours: 24000

  • Base Type: Mogul (E39)

  • HID Type:Sodium

  • Rated Initial Lumens: 56000

  • Rated Wattage: 600 W

Customer Reviews

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Plants don't care about sales pitches and promises, new and improved blah blah blah.... This bulb delivers unmatched results from veg to bloom with twice the terpin resin and oils made every time regardless of what you grow. I haven't even searched the newer lamps cuz this one does more then I need it to, I get on average four to six grows on one lamp before replacing, and the fruit is always top notch. Many people will blame there growing skills on the light or something else, I grow on a pro level and this lamp you need no other.

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