Viparspectra 165W Aquarium Light Timer Control Series V165 LED Grow Light

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The timer control series has been scientifically engineered for balancing coverage and PAR output. It is ideal for photosynthetic coral and helps acclimate new corals and tanks to the light by increasing exposure and intensity. With the dimmable feature, you can adjust different brightness channels individually. High-speed, quiet fans, and upgraded aluminum heatsink allow easier heat dissipation.

  • Internal Timer:You can turn the light on and off automatically and as per the requirement.

  • Mimics Natural Sunlight: The full-spectrum light mimics natural sunlight, which helps the fish/coral achieve life balance.

  • High-Speed Quiet Fans: With upgraded aluminum heatsinks and high-speed, quiet fans, the heat gets dissipated easily and quickly.

  • Ample Coverage: The grow light has been designed specifically to maintain the coverage and PAR output. It provides coverage to the 24'' X 24’’ area.

The grow light provides ample coverage to a growing space. It can provide maximum coverage to 30’’ X 24’’ area at 12’’ height. Its core coverage is 24’’ X 24’’ at 12’’ height. The Viparspectra timer control series has been engineered, which helps balance the converge and PAR output.

With the system’s internal timer, you can turn the light on and off immediately. You can also dim the brightness and adjust two channels of brightness individually for supporting different plant’s growth stages. With the dimmer, you can manipulate the fixture's light output according to the desired need of the plantations.

The full-spectrum light is ideal for all photosynthetic corals and can also assimilate your tank and new corals. The plant's exposure to light can be gradually increased. The LEDs give out natural light, which mimics the sunlight’s spectrum. With the sunlike light, the corals/fish can achieve great balance.

The system comes with a built-in timer and two on/off settings for the blue and white spectrum. The brightness of the 2 channels can be adjusted between 0% to 100%. Due to the noiseless fans, the heat dissipation happens very slowly, without disturbing the environment.

Make sure to adjust the height of the fixture according to the desired level of the plants. The IR diodes of the grow light provide the plant with optimal growth and enhance high yields to obtain an ideal harvest.


  • SKU/Model No.: LED-VS-V165

  • Dimensions: 16''x 8.5''x 2.4''

  • Item Weight: 6.8 pounds

  • Average Power Draw: 165 watts ± 3%

  • LED Chips: 55 pieces high-intensity 3W Bridgelux/Epileds LEDs.

  • Channel One:Violet (420 nm), royal blue (450 nm), blue (470 nm)

  • Channel Two: Green (520 nm), red (660 nm), white (6500 K), cool white (12000 K)

  • Lens Angle: 90 degree

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