Viparspectra 100W XS Series XS 1000 LED Grow Light

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Grow more for less with Viparspectra XS Series XS 1000 LED Grow Light. You can use it for every stage of plant growth - be it vegetative or flowering. It comes with impressive features such as a dimmer for adjusting the light intensity, Mean Well Driver for boosted yield, large heat sinks for better heat dissipation, etc.

  • Latest LED Technology: The grow light uses state-of-the-art LED technology – Samsung LM301B diodes. It not only boosts crop yield and saves operation cost but also offers better light canopy penetration.

  • Sunlike-Full Spectrum: It has IR LED, 660 nm red LED, 3000 K, and 5000 K white LED that imitates natural sunlight for complete plant development.

  • Zero Noise: Strong aluminum heat sinks ensure optimal cooling and remove the need to use fans. This helps you achieve silent grow operation.

  • Mean Well Driver: 100 Watt Mean Well Driver increases PAR output. It helps you to speed up your plant growth and boost your crop yield without using much power.

Make your indoor planting easier with XS Series XS 1000 LED Grow Light. It is the latest in the Viparspectra LED grow lights. It is equipped with an optimal full-cycle spectrum to improve and ensure speedy plant yield.

Compared to the conventional 250-watt MH/HPS grow bulbs, it takes just 100 Watt, which helps save money on electricity bills. In addition, Samsung LM301B diodes help you increase crop yield by 50% and ensure high energy efficiency. 

The grow light has the superior-quality LED driver known as “Mean Well Driver.” It extends the lifespan of the light bulb, helps you save power, and increases crop yield. 

The flexible dimmer feature allows you to adjust LED light brightness from 0%, 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%. So, you can pick an appropriate light distribution from the vegetative to bloom stage for optimal plant growth.

XS Series XS 1000 LED Grow Light includes 5000K white, 660 nm deep red, 730 nm IR, and 3000k warm white light. IR and red light ensure speedy bloom time and help you obtain an ideal harvest. Unlike S*1000, XS 1000 model enhances the 30% heat emission effect. 

Aluminum heat sinks absorb heat produced by the LED light and drive it back to the nearby air. It ensures the optimum temperature in the grow room and prevents overheating of indoor plants. It also removes the need to use cooling fans. No fans mean no noise.

XS 1000 LED is manufactured to cover 2’x2’ area at the flowering stage and a 2.5’x2.5’ area at the vegetative stage. This best-in-performance grow light is also IP65 certified. It makes it perfect for greenhouse, hydroponic, and commercial cultivation projects. XS Series XS 1000 LED Grow Light also has a 30-days money-back and 36-month US local warranty to ensure confident purchase.


  • SKU/Model No.: LED-VS-XS1000

  • Driver: Mean well

  • Power: 100 Watt

  • Diode: Samsung LM301B

  • Certification: IP65

  • Vegetative Coverage: 2.5*2.5 feet at 16”

  • Flowering Coverage: 2.0*2.0 feet at 14”

  • Warranty: 3 years

  • Product size: 11.8*11*3 inch

  • Daisy Chainable: Yes

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