Viparspectra 1000W VA1000 Dimmable LED Grow Light

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The Viparspectra 1000W dimmable series light emits full-spectrum lighting, including IR light for supporting different stages of a plant’s life cycle. The system works efficiently thanks to the cooling fans and aluminum heatsink that quickly dissipate the system heat. The LED fixture can be connected to 2 extra V1000 for maximum coverage while avoiding haphazard wiring.

  • Efficient Cooling System: With the combination of the cooling fans and aluminum heatsink, the system eliminates the excessive heat for its effective functioning.

  • Adjustable light: You can adjust the intensity of veg and bloom brightness to support different growth stages of the plant’s life cycle. Adjust the height and the brightness of the system to achieve a high-quality yield.

  • Daisy Chain Function: You can connect multiple lights with the dual purpose power plug. You can link together maximum 2 units of the same model.

  • Dimming Function: You can change the brightness level with the dimmer function to obtain maximum growth performance throughout different growth stages.

The LED grow light is perfect for providing a boost to the vegetation and flowers. Hang the fixture at 22’ to provide coverage for 3’ X 3’ area and provide coverage to 2.5’ X 2.5’ flowering area. The recommended mounting height of the fixture is between 18’’-26’’. Fix the veg light to 100% and bloom brightness to 60% while running the light for approximately 18 hours during the vegetative stage. When hung between 18’’-24’’ height for approximately 12 hours, set at 100% brightness on bloom and veg stage, your plantations get maximum nourishment.

The ViparSpectra can be dimmed to make adjustments according to the grow area's requirement and the growth stage of the plantations. Make adjustments to the brightness level for the flowering and the vegetative stages. For maximum growth performance, the veg and bloom dimmer must be set at 100% brightness.

The grow light emits a sunlike spectrum, which is super beneficial for the indoor plantations. In the absence of natural sunlight, the plants would get a sufficient amount of nourishment, just like the outdoors' plants. For maximum growth performance, you can adjust the light to 100% intensity.

The grow light has been equipped with 100 pieces of high-intensity dual-chip LEDs that consume only 230W of power and replace a 400W of HPS/MH. You can link the 2VA1000 grow system together with a single power cord that serves the dual purpose.


  • SKU/Model No.: LED-VS-VA1000

  • Dimensions: 12.6''x 8.7''x 3''

  • Item Weight: 6.6 pounds

  • Average Power Draw: 230 watts ± 3%

  • LED Chips: 100 pieces high intensity dual-chip LEDs

  • Input Voltage: AC 100-240 V

  • Input Frequency: 50-60 Hz

  • Lifespan: 100,000 hours

  • Package Weight: 7.95 pounds

What's in the package

  • VA1000 LED Lighting

  • User Manual

  • 6-Foot Power Cord

  • Hanging Kit

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Mr.The Plague
Solid little light! Might pick up a second for flowering.

Picked this up to start this years outdoor harvest indoors due to later cold temps this spring. THIS IS AN AMAZING LIGHT!!! I'm also thinking of picking up some Autos to try them indoors this summer under this powerful little full spectrum LED.

James Domarus

So far so good

Robert Meanor

Love them

Mitch Bird

Excellent performance quiet super efficient performs very very well light spectrum is excellent. it is well-built well thought out piece of equipment

anonymous anonymous

So far so good. Have just started to use it, may be too soon to really tell.

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