Viparspectra 260W V600 LED Grow Light

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The Viparspectra is the next generation LED grow system upgraded with aluminum heatsinks, reflector design, and a full spectrum layout. The LED fixture consumes just 260 watts to provide coverage to 4 X 4 area when hung at 24’’. The fixture has been scientifically engineered to maintain a balance between the coverage area and PAR value.

  • Daisy Chain Function:You get a US power cable that can work as a daisy cable to connect multiple lights in a row.

  • Optimal Spectrum: The full spectrum lighting supports various growth stages of a plant’s growth cycle, and it results in creating bigger builds and giving a higher yield.

  • UL Certified:The grow light has been certified safe as it has undergone rigorous testing and safety operations.

  • Ideal for multiple grow environments:Use it for the grow tents, grow rooms, aquaponic hydroponic, aeroponic systems.

The system uses 120 pieces of high-intensity 5-watt Bridgelux LED Chips that emit full-spectrum light, supporting the plantations' entire growth cycle. The LEDs come with a 50,000-100,000 hour lifespan, so you are investing in a reliable thing.

The wattage draw of the system is just 260 watts, and it creates a beam angle of 90-degrees. The PAR value system created at the center of the growing area is 530 umol/m2/s.

For effective heat management of the system, it uses cooling fans and aluminum heat sinks that dissipate heat out of the system. With proper temperature maintenance, the system lasts longer and works efficiently. As the hot air is thrown away with the cooling fans, the plants stay safe against the excessive heat.

The ideal working temperature of the fixture is -20 to 40-degree celsius. The ideal hanging height for the fixture is 24,’’ and at this height, it provides coverage to 4’ X 4’ area. To provide core coverage to the grow space, hang it at 18’ height.

The horticulture kit includes a hanging kit, a 6ft power cord, a 600W reflector. With the horticulture setting, you get a 3-years manufacturer’s warranty and a 30-day return period.

With the grow/bloom switches, adjusting between different color spectrums according to the requirement of the plant’s growth stage becomes easy.


  • Model/SKU: Reflector 600W/VS600

  • Wattage draw: 260 watts

  • LEDs: 120 x High-Intensity 5-watt Bridgelux/Epileds LED Chips; 50,000-100,000 hour lifespan

  • Beam angle: 90°

  • Spectrum: Par value (at center): 530 umol/m2/s

  • Thermal management: Active cooling via aluminum heat sinks and cooling fans

  • Daisy chainable: Yes

  • Grow/Bloom switches: Yes

  • Max Coverage at 24": 4' x 4'

  • Core Coverage at 18": 3' x 3'

  • Operating/input voltage: 85-264VAC

  • Frequency: 50-60HZ

  • Product weight: 12 lbs

  • Dimensions15.3''x 12.8''x 3''

  • Working temperature: -20 to 40° C

  • Manufacturer's Warranty: 3 years

  • Returns: 30 days

Product includes:

  • 1 x Reflector 600W

  • 1 x Hanging kit

  • 1 x 6ft power cord (US standard 110V grounded 3-prong plug)

Recommended for:

  • Grow tents

  • Grow rooms

  • Hydroponic, aeroponic, or aquaponic systems

  • Primary or supplemental lighting

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