Viparspectra 300W KS3000 LED Grow Light

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The Viparspectra KS3000 is a reliable choice for your in-house plantation setup. It has a wide coverage area with par distribution technology. Unlike others, this grow light focuses on all sides and provides even light and heat to plants from all angles. In addition, its high photon efficacy of 3.10 joules acts as an energy saver for your commercial and residential farming and gardening.

  • Warranty: The grow light comes with a 3 year warranty. Thus, the company will take care of any damage to the product. 
  • Par Distribution of Light: The KS3000 has a unique design that supports even distribution inside the tent. It will cover the complete area and not only focus on the center. 
  • Easy installation: The package has information mentioned about the installation process. It takes about 8 minutes to set up the grow light. 
  • Dimming Chain System: The grow lights support a dimming chain system. You can dim the lights from 0-100% using the rotator on the outside. In addition, you can control up to 100 lights at once. 

Photons play an important role in plant growth; thus, resulting in better yields. Plants get photons from natural sunlight; however, in indoor plantations, it is difficult to provide sufficient sunlight. Therefore, you can use the KS3000 grow light. It has industry leading Samsung LM301H and OSRAM 660nm diodes. They offer high photon efficacy of 3.10 umol/J. Thus, your plants can have healthy photosynthesis and yield better fruits for you.

Since different vegetative stages of plants require different heat levels, you can use the flexible dimmer system to control the temperatures in this grow-light. You can dim the light from 0-100%; thus, adjust the settings at every stage for better output. The LEDs have a lifespan of more than 100,000 hours; hence, you can use them for many seasons together.

The grow light offers a full-spectrum light in the grow-tent. It has 3000K warm lights, 5000K bright white light, and 660nm red light to mimic the natural sunlight. The full-spectrum LED lights help stimulate photosynthesis, prevent any diseases and produce bioactive compounds. Moreover, you do not have to bother regarding uneven light on your plants because the full spectrum light bar supports the even distribution of light. It focuses on all the corners inside the tent and helps the plants at every vegetative stage.

In addition, this grow light has a 3 years warranty. So, any damages on the product due to the manufacturer's negligence will be covered under this warranty. Moreover, if you are not delighted with the product, you can claim your money back within 30 days under the 30-day money back guarantee.


  • Model No./SKU: LED-VS-KS3000

  • Wattage draw: 300W±3% at 120V

  • LEDs: SAMSUNG LM301H 3000K, 5000K OSRAM 660NM

  • Spectrum: 5000K, 3000K and 660nm

  • Usable PPF @ 12": 712.8 μmol/s

  • Usable PPE @ 12": 2.38 μmol/J

  • Thermal management: Active cooling via aluminum heat sinks and cooling fans

  • Dimmable: Yes

  • Coverage area/hanging height: Vegetative Coverage at 24"- 3' x 3', Flowering Coverage at 12"- 3' x 3'

  • Operating/input voltage: AC100-240-2.8A

  • Frequency: 50/60 hz

  • Product weight: 7.9lbs

  • Dimensions: 32" x 32" x 1.6"

  • Working temperature: -20 to 40° C

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