Viparspectra 95W Pro Series P600 LED Grow Light

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P600 by ViparSpectra® is the low energy power consumption grow light designed for indoor growers. This LED light is suitable for different growing periods. It is packed with amazing features like Sosen Driver for high performance, SMD LED technology for high energy efficiency, high PPDF for large yield, and others.

  • Sosen Driver: 94-Watt sosen driver provides more output per watt by increasing PAR value. It helps you increase crop yield and save money on your electricity bill.
  • Dimmer Feature: This function allows you to adjust the light intensity at different growing stages.
  • Efficient Cooling System: The grow light comes equipped with a heat sink that ensures a large cooling area. As a result, it offers excellent heat dissipation while increasing the lifespan of the light fixture.
  • Sunlike Full-Spectrum: Full-spectrum cycle delivers usable light to the indoor plants effectively for full plant development. 

ViparSpectra® P600 is the sleep-friendly, and high-efficiency grow light on the market. It is a great option for new and savvy indoor growers. This plug-and-play device requires no installation. It uses new SMD LED technology to offer high PAR output, improve lifespan and ensure high energy efficiency.

This sunlike full spectrum grow light consists of 500 K white LED, IR LED, 660 nm red LED, 3000K, and 5000K white full spectrum LED grow lining fixtures that imitate natural sunlight and ensure uniform light coverage for better yield. It is suitable for all stages of plant growth.

The P600 model has a coverage area of 2.5’x 2.5’ at 18” height, ideal for the vegetative phase. 2’x 2’ at 14” height is ideal for the flowering stage. Besides this, the IP65 water-resistant board prevents moisture effectively and increases its lifespan.

A thick aluminum heat sink in the P600 LED grow light provides 30% more cooling than models with a thin aluminum board and increases the lifespan of the grow light. In addition, fanless design emits no noise, which means you can have a silent grow operation.

An inbuilt dimmer switch allows you to adjust the grow light intensity from 5% to 100%. It gives the indoor grower the flexibility to obtain the ideal growth temperature at each grow phase. Compared to the conventional MH/HPS grow light bulbs, the P600 waterproof LED bulb consumes just 95 Watt.

This high efficacy grow bulb offers a hassle-free 3-days refund and return and a two-years trusted warranty. Buy ViparSpectra® P600 grow light to achieve a huge harvest while saving on energy costs.

What Does the Package Include?

  • 1 X P600 LED lightning
  • 1 X hanging kit
  • 1 X user manual
  • 1 X 6 feet power cord


  • SKU/Model No.: LED-VS-P600

  • Item weight: 4.3 lbs

  • Style:  Modern

  • Light Source Type: LED

  • Shade Material: Aluminum

  • Switch Type: Dimmer


  • Wattage: 95 Watt ±3%

  • PAR Value: 898 umol/sec

  • Cooling Mode: Passive cooling

  • Lifespan: 100,000 hours

  • Vegetative Coverage: 2.5*2.5 feet at 18”

  • Flowering Coverage: 2.0*2.0 feet at 14”

  • LED Chips: 250 pcs high-intensity SMD LED bulbs, including

-3000K warm white LEDs

-5000K white LEDs

-660nm deep red LEDs

-730nm IR LED

Customer Reviews

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Small but good

I got this grow light for my seedling tent and so far they are very happy with it

Jacob Swallows
Grow light

Its great honestly my plants shot up and filled out within two weeks they are doing great

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