Wachsen Bud Sorter SS304 w/ 5 Clear Bins

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The Wachsen Bud Sorter is a streamlined sorting system designed to empower cultivators and distributors of all sizes with full control over their post-harvest bud classifications. This easy to use bud sorting system will provide consistency to end consumers and optimize harvest profitability. The Wachsen model features a proprietary flow-through mechanism explicitly crafted for the cannabis industry with amendments and materials to facilitate a zero-waste philosophy.

User-Friendly Design
This system is 100% human-powered, which means there are no harsh vibrations. Machine powered sorters produce vibrations that can damage and dislodge fragile trichome crystals. Trained personnel are not required for operation, and a single individual can sort through a pound of flower in under one minute. Although manually powered, the action is designed to limit the length of time buds are handled to avoid agitation and preserve their integrity.

The sorting surface is customizable, so any size can be prioritized. De-stemmed wet or dry buds will first flow over a screen, which allows the smallest trimmings to be screened out. The product is then moved along each grate of the platform and into the bins below.

Prioritizing quality bud sorting with the Wachsen Bud Sorter will simplify batching, weighing and packaging in your cannabis operation!

  • * Ability to sort wet and dry buds

  • * Polished 304 stainless steel

  • * Bins are made from high durometer food-grade polymer so that equipment is reusable and will not contaminate harvest

  • * 6 removable bins and lids included as part of the set

  • * Sealable bins will protect product in storage and during transport

  • * Easy to wash and sanitize

  • * Grate sizes: 0,12" - 0,12" - 0,375" - 0,87" - 1,25”

  • * Weight: With 5 bins: 145 lbs - Without bins: 127 lbs (Bin with lid: 4 lbs - Without lid: 3 lbs)

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