X Nutrients pH Up/Down Set (1 Quart each)

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Want to get the most out of your nutrients? Use the X Nutrients pH Up / Down Kit. You can easily adjust the pH to produce optimal growth results with the pH Up/Down Set. If you want to check the pH in a nutrient solution, use paper test strips. It changes color depending on the pH.

  • Quality and Stability: The pH Up and Down solutions guarantee quality and stability and are the highest quality hydroponic solutions available on the market.
  • PH Control at Your Fingertips: X Nutrients pH Up / Down Set is a great product to use to easily adjust your pH to the perfect level.
  • Accurate Scientific Solution: High / Low pH uses precise scientific solutions for water testing, aquaponics, hydroponic plant nutrient increase and decrease.
  • Upsurges Hydroxyl Ions: PH Up optimizes your Solution to increasing pH levels in your soil or hydroponic system by adding hydroxyl ions.

In X Nutrient pH Up / Down Solution, you will get two sets of bottles to stimulate vigorous plant growth. The pH Down solution contains phosphoric acid, which works quickly and effectively to lower the pH of your nutrient solution. 

At the same time, the pH Up Solution contains potassium hydroxide, which is stronger than most other pH Up solutions. The formula used works quickly to raise the pH of the nutrient solution to an optimal level. However, X Nutrients pH Up and pH Down make pH adjustment easier. 


  • SKU Model: DL-xnHPHUP-1QT+xnHPHDOWN-1Q

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Mark Hill

It does exactly what it supposed to do. It seems to be economical and effective.


Works great, very concentrated, and well worth the money.

Scooter Man

Pretty basic tool no complaints works fine


This set is perfect for me and what I do. I really do not care to take extra time out of my schedule to go get distilled water and im working towards getting my own filter system. However in the mean time I use these and they work great, I use testing strips to make sure its balanced. If you anything like me, its made a big difference in my how my plants grow and the yields they produced since the water is balanced.

Kevin B

Ph up and Down is a must have for any gardener. He or she needs to keep ph at right balance to absorb all nutrient...a lot of work for plants then NEED to allow them to intake maximum nutrients and minerals..grow ace is where I shop for all my needs and very prompt..Max is great rep

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